5 Blue Eye Makeup Ideas: Get Inspired by These Gorgeous Looks

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In reality, eye makeup has the power to allure your looks that are perfect for every occasion. Thus, in this blog, I’m going to tell you about the 5 best blue eye makeup ideas as I did in my previous blog on pink makeup.

Additionally, this type of makeup opens a link to creativity and productivity for makeup lovers. Furthermore, the use of blue color in shades and eyeliner is a love of Gen Z.

  • The Ocean Breeze Blue Eyes:

Undoubtedly, everyone loves the ocean and the presence of serenity. Firstly, apply light aqua or turquoise shades on the eyelids and blend. Secondly, for depth blend deep navy or cobalt blue. Lastly, apply shimmery silver or place blue on the inner corners.

Blue Eye Makeup 1


  • The Sapphire Blue Makeup:

Generally, this look is best for a glamorous and captivating appearance. Firstly, apply a rich, Jewel-toned Sapphire Blue eyeshadow on lids and creases. Secondly, use silver or metallic blue to the center of your lids. Thirdly, opt for winged eyeliner for a pop shine.

Blue Eye Makeup 3


  • The Smooky Navy Seduction of Makeup:

Firstly, this is the most mesmerizing look that is created with the sultry of a smokey eye with the depth of navy blue shade. Secondly, for it, you have to apply dark navy eyeshadows and black on the corners. Moreover, it will intensify your look like a sassy girl.

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Blue Eye Makeup 3


  • The Electric Blue Edginess:

No doubt, this look will unleash your inner level and make it equal with an electric makeup vibe. Firstly, apply a vibrant, neon blue eyeshadow to the lids and mix it with black crease. Secondly, for the starry effect add a touch of glitter in the inner corners.

Blue Eye Makeup 4


  • The Celestial Stardust of Blue Eye Makeup:

Subsequently, the night sky is made with celestial-inspired blue which is the essence of real artwork. Firstly, apply midnight blue eyeshadow on the lids and blend it in a winged shape. Secondly, add a touch of glitter of sky blue color. Lastly, enhance your look with some Lapis Lazuli gemstones.

Blue Eye Makeup 5


Author: Dr. Rabia Syeda

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