5 Best Skincare Routine Tips For Work

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Whether you spend 6-8 hours at work or you work from home, it is essential to have a great skincare routine.  Taking care of your skin can become even more challenging if you work out of doors, wear protective clothing, or in a dry office environment.  Harsh working conditions can cause the skin to be dry, more brittle, and dull. Often without proper treatment, your skin might not be unable to repair itself in a timely manner and worse still may even end up with permanent damage. In this article, we will talk about the 5 best skincare routines for working girls to follow to keep their skin soft and radiant even in the harshest conditions.


Skincare Routine Tips

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Skincare Routine Tip 1

Apply Sunscreen immediately following the bath every day

We’ve all heard that sunscreen can shield us from the sun’s wrinkle-causing rays out there 4 However, if you work in an office that has an open view, you might be exposed to the sun’s rays inside. It’s the same for sitting near windows or any other source of natural light to be precise.

Skincare Routine Tip 2

Do not rub your face with your hands

You sit on your hands or rub your eyes. You scratch your cheeks. But the problem is, each one of these small practices affects our skin, transferring bacteria that cause breakouts (among many other factors) to our delicate face.

Skincare Routine Tip 3

Cleanse your face for a certain amount of time

It’s true that good hygiene of the hands is hands-down the most essential step in controlling infection and bacteria. Lathering frequently helps prevent the spread of skin-damaging, acne-causing germs, which can be transferred from hands to the facial skin.

Skincare Routine Tip 4

Take a Break and Rest Your Eyes

Don’t spend too much time on the internet, instead make yourself up and go for an easy walk, get some coffee or tea, or talk to your coworker. A shorter amount of screen time is better for everything: the skin, your eyes, and your brain. Plus, it increases blood flow and that’s not a bad thing.

Skincare Routine Tip 5

Air conditioning in your office is the best option

Finding a workplace that has air conditioning is always the best solution to a positive work environment for your skin. Perspiration and extreme heat are just never good for skin and overall health. So be sure to check if a possible employer has air conditioning before making a long-term commitment you may regret down the road.

  1. Things To Keep in Mind if you want to protect skin in the Office:
  2. Make sure you maintain a clean and tidy. Utilize a hand soap frequently washing your hands every few hours
  3. Keep a safe separation from your monitor (at minimum 2-feet) and wash it frequently. A sanitizer helps here too.
  4. Use a form of heat protection between the body and computer. You now have special laptop stands to can solve this issue.
  5. Make use of a moisturizer that is water-based to avoid drying skin.
  6. Keep hydrated by drinking plenty of water.

In conclusion, pretty much everyone has to work to earn a living and that is unavoidable. But if you follow these simple tips I have given you, my guess is your skin will look and feel much better. Treat your skin well every day and it will treat you well as well.

By Rida Khan

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