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More and more people are striving to live more sustainably in a world where global warming is an undeniable fact, particularly when purchasing new lingerie brands. It’s a little method that we can try to make a difference, but if you’re just starting to consider how sustainable your regular purchases are, it’s normal if you feel overwhelmed. Fast fashion is more common than ever, and even firms whose marketing promises conscious methods may end up being unethical, so if you’re unsure of where to begin, you’re not alone.

Fortunately, a lot of fashion companies are supporting the sustainability drive, making it more straightforward for everyone to choose their clothing carefully. As for the ‘unmentionables,’ we think the ethical lingerie companies we’re about to expose you to are deserving to be acknowledged, promoted, and shared. Intrigued? Discover 10 eco-friendly lingerie companies that uphold ethical standards without losing fashion by reading on.

1. Fleur du Mal Lingerie Brands

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Look no further than Fleur du Mal if your goal is to go above and above with your undergarments. The upscale business, which offers underwear in band sizes 30 to 36, cup sizes A to D, and alphabetical sizes XS to XL takes pride in its undergarments’ fashion-forward design and use of premium materials and custom embroidery. The brand uses a lot of colors and whimsical motifs in its bras, boxers, and swimwear, all while using as many sustainable methods as possible. However, it doesn’t take itself too seriously.

The company claims that during the design and manufacturing processes, it frequently incorporates pre-consumer recycled textiles. This includes employing recycled fabrics, biodegradable elastics, zero-waste knits, as well as a special collection of organic cotton and recycled jersey pieces. Additionally, every order is shipped in recycled packaging.

2. Gooseberry Lingerie 

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Gooseberry, a lingerie company with French influences that is located in Bali, is well-known for its elegant shapes that come in sizes XS to L and are created with sustainability in mind. In addition to adopting fair trade manufacturing methods, the company also cares about the environment by planting trees for every order made, the number of which varies based on the distance, the weight of the box, and the method of delivery to precisely offset emissions.

3. Fruity Booty Lingerie Brands


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A team of all-women in London created the limited-edition collections for the Fruity Booty lingerie line. The company’s bras and underwear are offered in sizes XS to XL. It is recognized for its use of vibrant colors and designs (it even recently introduced an astrology undies collection).

Regarding sustainable methods, Fruity Booty uses materials and surplus fabrics that would otherwise be thrown to create 80% of its items. The firm “only produces[s] restricted quantities of all our items to avoid waste from overproduction,” and the remaining components are sourced from responsible vendors.


5. The Underargument Lingerie 

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A Black-owned lingerie company The Underargument exhorts its customers to embrace their uniqueness and authenticity to “discover our vision, achieve our purpose, and simply live our best lives.” The brand offers underwear in sizes 2 to 14 and band sizes 28 to 38, as well as cup sizes A to E. Each item is made with sustainable workmanship in mind, and while the company doesn’t utilize recycled textiles, it adopts a slow fashion philosophy and places a premium on durable, Oeko-Tex-certified materials that won’t bother your skin.

6. Mary Young Lingerie Brands

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With products available in sizes XS to 2X, Mary Young is an inclusive lingerie line. Low-waste cutting methods, recyclable packaging, and high-quality, Oeko-Tex-certified materials are all used by the Canadian business, which creates just a few collections each year. This results in a collection that is both beautiful and sustainable.

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