5 Best Everyday Bag Ideas For Women

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Dior, Channel, Louis Vuitton, Prada, Jacquemus, Gucci, YSL, Fendi, and a lot of bag brands that ladies are crazy about. Oh! Bags! Bags! Bags! Whether it’s small or big as long as it’s a bag I’ll take it and I don’t mind whatever brand it is. If you read my blog about Beauty Of Being Simple, I’ve mentioned there that I love to collect bags before but for a practical reason, I stopped collecting. Just like anyone else, a bag is one of the sweetest and most precious things that they value especially if it’s branded or a gift from someone. Well, the bag is a great investment. If you’re a bag lover and a bag collector I have some everyday bag ideas that you might love to use for a personal day out.

Hand Bag Style


This handbag is good for ladies who don’t want to carry a lot of things with them especially if they are on a date. And who brings a big bag on a date, by the way? This style is good for whenever you eat in a restaurant for a lunch date or a dinner date perhaps. If you want you can use a handbag to grab a coffee with friends or maybe a visit to the museum with your casual look. How does it sound? I guess it sounds great!

Sling Bag Style


I usually use a sling bag whenever I have to run quick errands like going to the grocery or pharmacy. It is very handy and you can fit your coin purse and your cellphone. This style of bag is useful for everyone because you can just sling this on your shoulder and you can use both of your hands to carry whatever you need to carry. Aside from that, you can use a sling bag as your everyday use because it’s good for casual wear.

Shoulder Bag Style


A shoulder bag is one of my favorite styles bags because it’s big and I can bring everything I need. If I’m going to school, I’ll bring my laptop with me and some papers that I need to work on at home. Sometimes I bring extra clothes just in case I get dirty from the entire day at work. This style of bag is what I called “mom’s bag”. It’s because I noticed most of the moms bring a big bag. And my mom uses the same too. And when I bag raid her I saw a lot of essentials like her medicine kit, makeup pouch, umbrella, her scarf, and many to mention. I know a lot of moms can relate and I’m not going to judge you because I use a big should bag as well.

Tote Bag Style


Who among you here is using a tote bag? It’s very minimalist and simple. I only have one tote bag and it’s a customized tote bag with an illustration of me and my name and I like it. I love the cloth that they are using for the tote bag and you can use them whenever you need to go to the grocery or a walk in the park.

Everyday Bag: Backpack Style



Feeling like a teen fashionista? Then go grab that backpack of yours and hit that style! A backpack is my number one choice whenever I need a quick break from reality and I’m planning a quick vacation. It is no hassle because it’s a backpack and you can bring a lot of things. There are backpacks also that you can use for casual and formal gatherings and a good pair for what you decided to wear. Aside from that, if you’re a student you can use a backpack as well for school.

Photo credit to Peachey’s World and Pinterest.

By Belle Willow 

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