5 Basic Nail Shapes

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Most girls unlike me like to have large nails on their hands. They keep big different nail shapes. I agree with them because nails enhance the beauty of hands. As big beautiful and transparent nails provide grace and glow with another level of charm to the hands. But they also demand a lot of cleanliness and care. Mostly by avoiding such hardships many girls use to wear fake nails. They also look superb on the hands. But 8 out of 10 girls have also experienced their naturally growing nails on their hands. In the case of different hand modeling, we can see different types of small, large, or maybe very large nails.

There are mainly 5 different nail shapes which are;

  1. Square Nail Shapes
  2. Round Nail Shapes
  3. Oval Nail Shapes
  4. Squoval Nail Shapes
  5. Pointed Nail Shapes
  • Square Nail Shapes

It is a classic acrylic nail shape, with straight ends, it has balanced curved and two sharp points on the tips of both sides of the nails and a balanced C-curve. According to cosmopolitan, square shape nails are the most on-trends nails in 2022. The other name for square nails is “square stiletto nails”. As square shape nails are also the most attractive nail shape mostly viewed in many magazines and ads. Square shape nails are in both long and short nail forms and look attractive in both. This shape is more prone to breakage.

Square Nail Shapes


  • Round Nail Shapes

Round nails are called ‘almond nails’. Their shape is like they are filled along the sides and the nail wall is tapered to ends in a round peak similar to just like an almond. But if the nails are often prone to breakage due to much sharper ends naturally from the sides so as recommended you should keep them round and possibly short, so that due to smooth ends it will be prevented, because sharp ends are weak points for nails. This shape suits chubby hands as well because it makes fingers look thinner.

Round Nail Shapes


  • Oval Nail Shapes

No matter whether nails are short or long, by comparing with every other nail category oval shaped nails are always winners. This shape is very similar to the almond shape but from the apex, it is very soft and blunt than the almond shape. This is the most classy nail shape ever as compared to other shapes. It is also called “U-shaped nails”. It is good for shorter hands and shorter fingers as it makes them look longer. It is the most elegant nail shape. They are very popular in common as well as among all types of girls.

Oval Nail Shapes


  • Squoval Nails¬†

The Squoval nail’s shape is partial Square and partial Oval, it is best for both. It has straight tips with curved edges. Its edges are not sharp but smooth and oval-shaped. It mostly looks attractive in long lengthy nails. It is a very popular nail shape among girls although it is difficult to adopt. The Squoval nail shape is for those who mostly like to stay stylish and elegant. It presents people as assertive and ambitious it looks pretty much attractive. This nail shape is easy to maintain and gives your short fingers the illusion of being lengthy also they are less likely to break like round nails.

Squoval Nail Shapes


  • Pointed Nails

This shape of nails is called as “Stiletto Nail Shape”. These nails have an extreme nail tip. They look very elegant and can be decorated in many ways they are mostly adopted by models as they look like the most fashionable nails. They are presented in different fashion presentations and ads so they are mostly adopted by celebrities as well. Also, they are mostly adopted by those people who have a square of assistance doing everything for them on call. By wearing these nails you are not afraid by saying or doing anything.

Pointed Nail Shapes


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