5 Badass Looks For Ladies

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There are days when all I want to do is pull a great look to make up for how hollow I feel inside. On other days, I want my appearance to speak for me when words can’t. These are some of my favorites yet really simple looks I go for to lift my spirits. The following are the 5 badass looks for ladies.

  • Badass looks #1: Leather Outfits

Yes. I said it. Most of you all beautiful ladies are intimidated by leather, leaving it to movie stars. Well, I come bearing good news. Absolutely anyone, petite or plus size, can rock leather dresses, skirts, or pants. Accompanying the outfit with a pair of high heel suede or leather boots really brings out the sass and definitely screams ‘badass’

Badass looks 1
  • Badass looks #2: Gothic look

Assume it is one of those days when you need to hold your head up high but you aren’t feeling chatty, hence the desire to remain unapproachable. A gothic look simply whispers to admire, but from a safe distance. If you are not into goth, you don’t have to dip your entire foot in the pool. Pull a simple yet classic look as shown below.

Badass looks 2
  • Stilettos

Strap in those stilettos. six or four inches… it really doesn’t matter as long as you are comfortable. It’s okay to rock those kitten heels if you usually have a hard time walking in heels for whatever reason; health, weight, or just discomfort. Heels with a wider base rather than a pointed end have completely revolutionized the industry. They offer additional stability hence easier to walk in.

Badass looks 3
  • Pant Suits

Hey, there beautiful professional ladies. I haven’t forgotten about you. Up your office look by pulling on these fancy pantsuits. My personal favorites are the brightly colored ones that are both professional and somewhat casual.

Badass looks 4
  • Jeans

These are my favorites. Mummy jeans, skinny jeans, pencil trousers, any type of jeans really, if paired with the right accessories, can produce one killer look. Try your jeans with a blouse, shirt, vest top, or crop top; according to your preference, then pair it with the shoes of your choice. Are you feeling beautiful and sexy? Then go out there and conquer the world.

Badass looks 5

Always remember that beauty begins within. You are beautiful.

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By Prudence

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