5 adorable matching fits for you and your pup!

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For dogs, winter can be a drag, particularly if their coat is not suitable for freezing temperatures. If you and your dog share the same sense of style, you should definitely dress alike! The dog park will be abuzz with a discussion of you and your matching fits.

5 adorable matching fits for you and your pup!


Knit sweaters

woman and dog in matching strawberry sweaters.

matchyourpup.com, $38

These sweaters from matchyourpup.com will perfectly match your personality if you and your dog are seeking for fits that go with your adorable personalities. These outfits will be pawsome for an afternoon trip to the pet store, a morning walk to visit your dog’s best friends, or even an evening rewatch of Marley & Me. Love it!

Girl and dog in matching pijamas matching fits
The *pawfect* snow-day outfit will be completed by these pajama sets. Imagine watching a romantic rom-com while curled up with a new batch of cookies (dog biscuits, of course). We think it’s totally fur-stastic.
Tie-dye hoodies
Who doesn’t adore a sweater with tie-dye? If you thought your dog wearing this lovely outfit would make it even cuter, think again. During your next stroll, everyone will be watching you two.
woamn and her dog in shirts that say I love you and I know respectively matching fits
Give us an adorable alternative to matching t-shirts (we’ll wait). With the help of these chic shirts, you can show the world that you and your dog are the greatest of friends.
Rainbow striped crewnecks
woman and her dog in rainbow shirts matching fits
Who said your dog couldn’t be fashionable, too? Crew necks in vivid colors are the ideal choice for your upcoming Instagram photo session. We are confident that your entire following will be enamored with this striking design.
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