4 Ways To Care Of Your Jewellery.


Recently my grandfather and grandmother visited my workplace, they do this to all their grandchildren claiming we don’t visit them often enough. Most of the time they just come unannounced with a lot of beautiful meals, I always like the food part, I grew up eating my grandma’s food but adulthood has taught me to be independent. I enjoy the most as they watch me devour the sweet savoury meal. My grandma reiterates in my ears most of the time “why is it that adults these days tend it fit to just work without eating?” She claims if you eat well you get more energy for the work ahead. Anyway, I am digressing, so in this article, I will be talking about how to take care of your jewellery.

As I was digging into my food the sun from the widow smiled at my grandmother’s neck and my face glittered that was when I noticed her neck she was wearing her favourite gold neck jewellery, it was her favourite because that was the first gift my grandfather got for her, till this day she cherishes it. I always wonder how she has kept it for years without any dent in it. I remember the day she called me complaining she could not find her beautiful golden neck chain after polishing it and that I should come over to the house immediately claiming it was an emergency when I got there I saw it in her jewellery box well placed that was when she agreed she needed to see an eye doctor.

So if you are wondering how to keep your jewellery shiny and new, here are the tips you gonna need:

1. Keep jewellery away from liquid:

Jewellery is often delicate no matter the material that is involved. So if you find yourself another time trying to wear your jewellery while swimming, touching chemicals or doing house chores pinch yourself a bit and remove that beautiful jewellery of yours. We can’t allow it to go through that process.

2. Wear your jewellery last:

Wearing your jewellery last makes you not expose it to your body lotion, most of the time if care is not taken, your lotion can be part of what dents your jewellery.

It is very tempting to put on your jewellery before getting dressed but you can protect your beautiful piece from getting yanked on your cloth.

It is better to wait till you get dressed and also remove it first thing at night when you are about to sleep.


3. Store Your jewellery Separately:

Be intentional while storing your jewellery. Remember the goal is to still have new and shiny jewellery even after a long period. You can be careful while wearing your jewellery but what about the storage aspect? Sometimes it comes from each piece knocking together or tangling together. The only way to protect these vulnerable pieces is for you to separate them. Store them in a different jewellery box or case, with this you can protect them.

4. Move away from the drains:

I can’t over-emphasise this, I have seen people lose their cherished jewellery just because they refused to take precautions on this particular tip. Move!!, I say it again move!! Away from the drains before it becomes the story that touches the heart. So once again if you want to keep your jewellery, stay away from the drains. if you are looking for a reason, your jewellery might fall in. what shall it profit you to end up losing something you cherish? nothing but pain.

To sum it up:

Whatever that will dent your jewellery desist from doing it. Keep it away from moisture.

Clean it once in a while, then every six months give it to a professional that will polish it for you, then expect to rock your piece with your favourite outfit. Always look dazzling with your shiny jewellery.

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