4 Unique Fashion Color Combinations You Need To Try


Being fashionable can be described on so many levels- Confidence, style, looks, creativity, it takes a lot. Fashion is not a one-way ticket. It is different for everyone, quite rightly so. But sometimes, people get confused about what to wear and what not to wear or what color goes best with the other. We all have these days when we contemplate what colors to wear. So, here are 4 unique fashion color combinations you need to try.

fashion color combinations


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I know what you are thinking, brown of all colors? But, trust me, and try this color combination. You will thank me later. Brown is a great color to pair with white. It will provide an amazing earthy element to your everyday work and college wardrobe. These colors may look boring on their own but combining them will make a stunning look for the day. This combo is best for people who want to look different yet professional. This look is great for a business meeting, professional lunch or dinner parties, or even your everyday office or college life. Pair a White shirt with Brown jeans of your favorite fit, a Brown skirt with a White top, or vice versa. For official gatherings or formal conventions, wear a Brown Blazer with a White formal shirt and pants. For winter and autumn, just pair a Brown sweater with your favorite White bottoms or a white coat with a Brown plaid skirt and White top.


This color combination is one of my personal favorites. Not too bold nor too plain. Just perfect. The combination of Black and Purple is out of this world. Black is an unmatched classic on its own but pairing it will Purple will do wonders for your everyday wardrobe. Especially for people, who love to have the element of surprise in their looks, this combination is best for you. This combination is an excellent choice when you want to look sophisticated yet edgy. Pair a Purple off-shoulder top with Black Flare jeans, Purple Skirt and Shirt with a Black Jacket, or a Purple flannel with Black Jeans. Another great style is pairing a Purple skirt with a Black mesh top when going for a sensual look. This combo is also a Halloween option when opting for a gothic look.


Blue and yellow are a color combination that never fails to impress. Known for having a light soulful look to it, this combo is very popular during the summer season. Yellow adds a bright essence at the same time Blue adds a calming feeling to the outfits, which is why this combo is unique. This combo is the go-to for people who like the summer vibe. It is the perfect choice for summer parties, hanging out with friends and family, movie nights, or even a date. You can even rock this look on an everyday basis as well. Pair a Yellow shirt with your favorite Blue jeans. Another great idea is a Blue and Yellow floral dress. The sky is the limit with this combo.


Trying to imagine, are we? Have faith in me when I tell you that Green and Beige are a color combination that makes sense. It is PERFECT for people who want to look elegant and soft. If you are a person who hates unwanted attention for their outfits or goes for a modest look, you have to try this combo. Combine a pair of beige trousers with your green top and see the magic happen. This combination has another advantage – It looks great in any season.

By Shameen Khizar

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