4 Sexy & Intimate Wedding Gown Ideas

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Looking for an intimate wedding gown? I hope this one will help you on finding the best and most intimate wedding gown dream you have!

Number #1 Sexy Mermaid One Shoulder High Slit Gown

wedding gown ideas

If you are planning a Garden Wedding I think this Sexy Mermaid One Shoulder High Slit Gown is perfect for it with silver heels. Gloves are optional by the way. Just look at the gown and its detail, it gives highlights to the whole look especially the high slit and how fit the gown is that hugged the body so well. For your hair, I suggest a clean bun for a more intimate look.

Number #2 Butterfly Tube Fitted High Slit Gown

This Butterfly Tube Fitted High Slit Gown is perfect for your wedding reception, or whatever you have in mind. I love the butterfly style and the detail of the tube which give emphasizes the top part of the gown plus it’s fitted which is a big point for a more intimate outcome. For the hair, the big curl wave style is perfect for this one.

Number #3 One Side Long Sleeve High Slit Gown

wedding gown ideas slit

Moving on to a more intimate yet seductive look for a wedding gown. One Side Long Sleeve High Slit Gown is perfect for a high silver or white stilettos that will surely match the gown. This style has a combination of a conservative and a revealing concept of the gown and you can wear it in the church if you are planning a church wedding. For your hair, you can curl it or make a messy bun to match the whole look and you’re ready to tie the knot!

Number #4 One Piece Tube Lace Wedding Gown Ideas

Among all the Sexy & Intimate Wedding Gown Ideas, a One-piece Tube Lace Gown is my favorite! The beads that were effortlessly designed in the tube are such lit for a beach wedding. This style is very unique especially since it is one piece plus the lace that gives highlight to the whole look. Since I suggest this wedding gown for a beach wedding I recommend a messy bun or a messy down ponytail but whatever you decide for your hair will surely look good on this outfit so no worries 😉

Aside from all the glamorous gowns and shoes, don’t forget to wear makeup as well that will match your sexy and intimate wedding gown.

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