4 Rules of Wearing Boots Every Man should Know

fancy boots
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Boots are loved by both men and women. They portray your other stylish character that people rarely see. Of late, we have witnessed various changes in the fashion industry as the introduction of boots into the fashion industry has changed nearly everything. Nowadays, you can rock with your official boots to work and later wear your casual boots to a party or a weekend drive. That aside, I have met many men who have no idea how boots are worn. Additionally, they have no idea of the universal boots rule that dictates how the lucrative boots world operates. Don’t just wake up in the morning and wear a boot without considering your general outlook. Here are some of the unspoken boot rules you need to know as a man.

fancy boots

1. Wear the right type of trousers for your boot:

We all know that boots don’t go well with official material trousers. This will be a total downfall in your general outlook and you might end up being the laughingstock at your place of work. If you must wear boots, make sure you are wearing jeans trousers, khaki, or a pair of chinos. By all means, avoid wearing boots with pairs of slacks and suits as that will be very terrible for you.

2. Keep your boots clean:

Boots are visible from afar unlike normal-size shoes. You can be easily spotted from afar as they are generally huge. In my opinion, I would suggest that you wash your pair of boots after every use. You can purchase some application creams to keep it soft and admirable from afar.

3. Have the right trouser length for your boot:

When wearing your boots, make sure to choose a trouser that has a good fitting length. Make sure that the trouser is not too long or too short. In my opinion and generally speaking, the trouser hem should be at the top of the boot for the best look.

men boots

4. Know when to wear the boots:

Just like I said in the paragraphs above, boots are not just worn any day you think of. They must have a good plan that you have arranged to look spectacular. Before dressing for any event, make sure to inquire if it is a formal or casual event. To be very honest, boots have nothing to do with official events. Those are totally meant for casual looks. Never wear your boots with formal suits.


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