4 Reasons Why Women Are Attracted to Men with Folded Sleeves

sexy folded sleeves 2
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Folded Sleeves are a great part of fashion, especially when there is a need to enhance your identity as a man. I have received numerous questions from both genders as to the usefulness of folded sleeves in men. I will start this article by agreeing with the fact that ladies are more attracted to men with folded shirt sleeves than to unfolded ones. To prove this, I shared a photo of mine with an unfolded shirt and one with the oldest shirt sleeves. To my surprise, the one with folded sleeves had more likes from ladies, meaning they admired it.

Often in my articles, I have advised men to roll up their sleeves to look cuter, especially when wearing those tight shirts. Here are some of the reasons why women are attracted to men with folded sleeves:

1. Folded sleeves reveal muscles as body veins:

Veiny dudes are more attractive, according to the ladies out here. They love it when they see veins on the hands of a man. Additionally, rolled-up sleeves reveal some of the muscles of the hand. It goes without saying that just as men are attracted to curves on a lady, ladies are equally attracted by the muscles of a man.

attractive Folded Sleeves

2. Folded sleeves look like a man getting ready for a task:

This was a response from one of the ladies who find rolled-up sleeves more attractive in men. The rolled-up sleeves look like a man engaged in hard work or perhaps some heavy work or fight. Psychology tends to say that men who look like they can use their hands tend to be quite attractive to women.

sexy folded sleeves

3. Folded Sleeves show determination and hard work:

Just as highlighted in the previous paragraph, a rolled-up sleeve is a sign that a man has been very busy in business or any other good deal out there. It means that he is ready to get to work. It reveals great determination, hard work, and excellence. Those are enough things to make a lady get madly attracted to you.

sexy folded sleeves 2

4. Folded Sleeves allow Ladies to see the strong forearms of men:

Ladies have great taste in good-looking men, truth be told. Additionally, women are attracted to strong men, those who are strong both physically and mentally. It is a complete turn-on to them, more reason why they enjoy watching men with folded sleeves and very strong physiques and bodies. Lastly, ladies associate strong men with masculinity and the ability to protect and provide for themselves and their offspring.


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