4 Most Stylish and Hottest Football Players wives and girlfriends

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Having a girlfriend or wife is a sweet thing. Having a hot girlfriend who has a great fashion sense is an added blessing. Fashion is running the entire world. It is said that how you dress determines how you will be addressed. Football players are such public figures and highly elite people hence are expected to have very hot and sexy girlfriends who have a great sense of fashion, especially on a red carpet occasion.

I have traveled in different cities of the world, watching football and paying close attention to the kind of ladies that the footballers are dating. I have found out that a good number of football players’ wives are models and celebrity fashion icons. I have been having a tough time choosing the best of the best. Nevertheless, here are my 4 Most Stylish and Hottest Football Players wives and girlfriends.

Hottest Football Players wives

1. Sara Carbonero( former wife to Ike Casillas ex-wife)

Despite having their own personal differences, we must accept that Sara was one of the hottest and most fashionable wives to a football player. At one point, Sara was said to be the sexiest journalist and wife to a football player.

Hottest Football Players wives 75

2. Hottest Football Players wives Georgina(Christiano Ronaldo’s wife)

There is no doubt to the fact that Christiano Ronaldo’s current girlfriend is a fashion goddess. She has an amazing sense of fashion and has walked on the red carpet a number of times. Her husband must be so proud of her.

Hottest Football Players wives 69


3. Lorena Bernal (Arteta’s wife)

Arteta is a former football player at Arsenal football club. Having retired from professional football, he is the current coach of the Arsenal football club which is currently at top of the league table. Lorena is a fashion icon as she was named Miss Spain in the year 1999 at the tender age of 17.

Hottest Football Players wives 54

4. Hottest Football Players wives Pilar Rubio(Sergio Ramos wife)

Sergio Ramos got himself one of the most beautiful and fashionable wives of our times. She knows and has embraced the touch of fashion in changing various world perspectives.

Hottest Football Players wives

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Hottest Football Players wives 1

By Alex Munene

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