4 Ideas For Fusing Contemporary and Vintage Fashion

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Vintage fashion clothing may bring a distinctive and attractive touch to a modern outfit. Vintage elements, when done correctly, offer dimension to a look. When done incorrectly, historic items might appear antiquated or like a costume. This blog will cover our favourite styling techniques for vintage goods. Only when used correctly can vintage elements offer character to your outfits. We surely don’t want to appear out of date. Mixing old and modern pieces is essential to prevent seeming like you’re wearing a costume. Here are four ways to combine old and modern styles.

 1. Accessorize 


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Accessories are a great way to mix old and modern in a subtle way. If you don’t want to go full out with the antique appearance, consider adding a modest vintage touch with a second-hand purse, sunglasses, or even a scarf. If your complete outfit is from a thrift store and you want to modernize it, instead add some new accessories. Such as the famed Manolo Blahnik shoes, which are contemporary designer accessories. Even in the colder seasons, retro sunglasses are excellent! If you have a social excursion or outdoor event to attend, like a fashion parade or the weekend markets, they may make an extremely simple dress more amusing or quirky.

2. Layering 


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Nothing adds more coolness to an ensemble than a coat or cape. A vintage rabbit fur coat may offer an attractive flare to a very modern look. We advise you to find a few backup coats that you can grab at the last second, and adaptability won’t let you down.

Try a contemporary cape if you’re sporting a vintage top, dress, or pair of jeans. Especially now that winter is approaching, you can find them online or at practically any store. The finest colors to choose from are neutral hues like red, beige, black, and grey. When styling several pieces, monochromatic coats provide versatility, especially if you’re a beginner. But if you’re sufficiently confident, there are undoubtedly methods you can carry off various patterns or designs.

3. Natural Hair and Makeup

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When attempting to merge all things old with current era styles, your hair and makeup appearance are crucial. In summary, keeping your hair and makeup as natural as possible is the greatest method to keep a vintage dress appearing new. Avoid emulation makeup or makeup that is excessively thick and strong. Similarly, keep your hair as natural as possible. This is a particularly useful idea if you’re wearing a large and vibrant vintage piece, such as a floral jumpsuit or a statement dress. The understated beauty style will complement your overall appearance Makeup inspired by the 30s – 50s usually comprises subtle pinks, reds or darker lipsticks so try to use these techniques to elevate your look 

4. Choose a simple retro look

The safest method to mix and match is to stick to classic essentials. Choose simple shirts, delicate sweaters, or an oversized top, and pair them with high-waisted skirts or pants. Finish with a bold coat. Dress a thrift skirt down with a tee and shoes, or dress it up with heels and a lovely silk blouse. Vintage clothing items with a basic pattern or form that can simply mix and match with trendy pieces to appear smart can be found in thrift stores. Consider purchasing pieces that can be paired with a variety of bottoms, such as high-waisted pants or skirts. Then, add a striking coat or jacket to provide an eye-catching feature and complement your top. 


You will put together amazing ensembles that will be the talk of your friends whether you combine current apparel with vintage accessories or the other way around.

Photo Credit – Pinterest. 

By  Yoza Ilyas

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