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Shawls are a type of cloth that is used to wear over the shoulder or to cover the upper body. It is usually rectangular and square in size. This makes your upper body warm including your hand, head, neck, and arm. Nowadays Shawls are also worn as a style to look stylish and can be worn in different ways to look different.


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Kashmiri Shawls are the type of shawls that are identified by their distinctive Kashmiri weave and which is made from special pashmina wool. They are highly prized for their fine wool, skill weaving, and soft texture. These shawls are one of the antique items of luxury as they are costly and are of the best quality. These shawls keep warm in winter or extreme cold.



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Pashmina shawls are considered one of the finest craftsmanship in the world which transforms the extremely warm thread into shawls and make them warm and delicate to wear. pashmina shawls are spun from cashmere wools and is obtained from Changthangi goat native to the high plateau of Ladakh.




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Stole is a type of shawl worn by women, especially a formal shawl of expensive fabric which is used around the shoulders to make you look stylish and also protect you from the cold. These Stoles are mainly worn over party dresses so that they can make you feel warm and also looks beautiful on them. Stole is narrow in size in comparison to normal shawls. Its size can differ in quality and depend on the type of cloth.




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Kalamkari shawls are a type of shawl that is a hand-painted cotton textile that is produced in the Andhra Pradesh state of India. Only Natural dyes are used in Kalamkari shawls which include 23 steps in it.  Kalamkari basically means the work of the pen.


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Shahtoosh shawls are also known as “Shatoush” which is obtained from the fur of the chiru. The word shahtoosh is a Persian word that means ” king of wools”. It is the most expensive wool in the world. It shows the royalty and dignity of people, people used to wear it and buy it to show their status as it is the most expensive one.

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