4 Easy Ways to Make Your High Heels More Comfortable

comfortable high heels
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High heels are not meant to be a tormenting moment for you. Instead, the shoes are designed to portray you in the sassiest and most elegant way you deserve. As I said in my previous publications, ladies who wear high heels are more attractive to men than those who wear flat shoes. This is to signal to each lady out there that there is immense power in wearing heels. However, a number of ladies have launched multiple complaints that heels might not be as comfortable as they thought. For this reason, I have come up with some ways to make your high Heels more comfortable and appealing to you. Take a look:

1. Extensive use of Moleskin:

Foot sores are common, especially among ladies who do high heels. This method that I am proposing will be skin-friendly and bring less harm to your feet. The use of moleskin is an easy way to avoid any rubbing on your feet. The moleskin padding can be bought from any online retail outlet of your choice.

comfortable high heels
Uncomfortable shoes

2. Losing some height:

The best way to be comfortable when wearing your heels is to be of a reasonable height. If you are a lover of high heels and you don’t feel comfortable when wearing them, you can consider reducing the edge height to make the heels a little bit shorter and more comfortable for you.

3. Know how to walk in High heels:

Truth be told, comfort in high heels simply starts by practicing and perfecting your skills in walking with high heels. The perfect ladies in high heels have trained their way up the ladder. You need to be more careful as you engage your abs and walk to toe as every high heeler does. Don’t be shy, engage in confidence and you will get it right.

4. Choose the right shape heel:

High heels come in a number of shapes. I know it sounds stupid, but ladies have a difference in the shape of their toes. Some have very wide toes while others have narrow toes. Invest in a pair of high heels that compliments your general body outlook.


Having an antiblister for Your High heels:

This is slowly becoming a necessity for every lady who loves fashion and high heels out here. This is a transparent stick that is used to lubricate the areas around your foot that could have a blister. The stick is skin friendly and a good one for your feet. Try it today.


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