4 Chill Outfit Ideas For Your Next Night Out!

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Thank God it’s Friday! And Friday means going out with friends and family after a very tiring week of working. We all love Fridays so here are the top 5 chill outfit ideas for your next night out!

Look #1 Trousers On Hanging Top


For the first look, it is good for whenever you want to look chic yet chill at night. Wear a hanging or crop top that will match your wide-leg trousers. You can pair it with heels or high-edge shoes for a more comfy and fun night. To add extra glamour, don’t forget to wear some pieces of jewelry and makeup for a perfect night out! And oh! Please bring a coat with you for whenever you feel cold 😉.


Look #2 Dress For Night Out


We all have that one friend who loves to wear a mini cute fitted dress for a night out. We cannot blame them though! If you wear a dress you don’t have to worry about anything because it will match every place you go. The trick is to choose the best choice to match your bag and shoes as well as your makeup and hair. Aside from that, a dress is the most chill outfit you can wear.

Look #3 Mini Skirt On Boots


Speaking of chill and chic, a mini skirt on boots got you for a night out! Aside from its cute, it’s very stylish with a little bit of touch of a modern fashion as well especially if you pair it with a tank top or some tube top.

Look #4 Blazer For Night Out


A blazer is a good choice for a night out as well. This is the outfit that I called “Night Out Ready Outfit”. Pair it with a tank top or a sports bra, then you’re ready to go! An outfit like this needs heels for a more classy yet chill and chic look.

A night out is everybody’s way to chillax on a busy day at work, at home, or whatever you are doing with your life. Where are you up to for a night out? See you at the next one!

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By Belle

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