4 Baby And Moma Care Brands By Celebrities

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Many celebrities along with modeling, singing, and acting has launched their own different businesses. The most popular business celebrities choose, is launching their own brands of many different things i.e. makeup, dress, accessories and care brands, etc. They often work day and night and keep going on the road to progress their careers and brands. Many of these brands have become very popular with fans in countries all over the world.

Today, many celebrities have launched all sorts of baby brands as well. Along with the care of their skin and body, they also pay heed to their babies and their care. They have launched baby skin care, baby cosmetic, baby things, baby clothes, and more. Every woman whether she is a celebrity or just an ordinary citizen loves to protect, nurture and take special care of their children. So with that maternal instinct in mind, many female celebrities have decided this is still a huge market ripe for launching baby and MoMA care brand products.

  • Hello Bello-Smart Made Simple Baby and Moma

It is 1st ranked baby and MoMA brand launched by American actor Dax Shepard and his wife Kristen Bell in 2019. It sells all baby things from baby diapers and wipers to baby sunscreens. This was launched in Los Angeles. It is hitting 200 million dollars in the annual sale. It has 450k Followers, 613 Following, and 1443 posts on Instagram. It has the products shampoo, body wash, body oil, conditioner, baby lotion, bubble bath, baby powder, baby wipes, diaper rash cream, hand sanitizers, sunscreens, and many much, etc. It also contains all products for kids.


  • The Honest Company Baby and Moma

It is 2nd ranked baby and MoMA brand that was launched in 2011 by entrepreneur Jessica Alba an American actress. It contains baby as well as beauty products. Their products are not 100% natural but they are made up of safe synthetics. It is the best seller of baby skincare and beauty products. It has 319 million dollars in annual earnings. It has 1 million Followers, 152 Followings, and 4585 posts on Instagram. Its headquarter is in California. It contains the following baby products; diapers, wipers, rash cream and sprays, washers, skin care kits of all skin types, bubble baths, shampoos, conditioners, and all nourishing kits, etc.

the honest company baby and moma


  • Good American

Khloe Kardashian is the owner of this brand and an artist and designer, she is an American media personality and socialite. She is a TV star and launched this brand in 2016. This brand sells Mama things that provide convenience and ease to Mamas. This brand has 2.1 million Followers, 2 Followings, and 5281 posts on Instagram. Its annual earnings are 15 million dollars per year. The main goal of this brand is body positivity and launched Good Mama jeans, also has mama Petites, black dresses for mama, perfect black pants, and a collection of jeans for mama’s comfy. It mainly sells and is launched for Mama’s comfy.

Good American baby and moma


  • Once Upon a Farm

Jennifer Garner launched this baby and MoMA brand. She is an American actress. It was launched in 2015. It is a fresh eateries baby company that is made for the care and health of babies. Food is made from organic fruits and grains freshly harvested from farms directly. It has 284k Followers, 4388 Following, and 2591 posts on Instagram. It is earning 24.5 million dollars per year. Its products are included as; organic baby meals, nutrient packs, and kids’ snacks and lunchboxes as well. Baby’s fruits and vegetables are freshly blended and made food for those and pack them to use hygienically. In 2019 this food brand has come the best baby’s refrigerated available brand in the USA.

once upon a farm baby and moma


By Marie Joseph

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