4 Affordable Lip Balm For Summer, Fall, Spring, And Winter.

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Lip balm is a great product! It keeps your lips soft and attractive and helps heal them when they may become dry and cracked in severe weather. In this blog we will take a look at 4 affordable brands you can pick up today!

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1 . Nivea Lip Balm :

so this nivea lip balm comes in an affordable pricing range of rs 180 (2.19usd),  rs 200 (2.44 usd), rs 148 (1.80 usd) , and offers an wide range of shades like cherry , strawberry, original etc . this has natural oils in it , what you can see is that , this lip balm provides moisturization for the lips suppose if it’s Chappy or dry , whenever you go outside you can carry a pack of this , since it has a tint in it , you will get that glowy pinky look after applying it , and if you are not a big fan of tint balm then you can go with the original one which offers no tint , and you are good to goo ..


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2 . Maybelline new york baby lip balm – so this Maybelline lip balm comes in an affordable pricing range of rs 145 (1.77 usd) , rs 155 (1.89 usd) , rs 149 (1.82 usd), and offers an wide range of shades like cherry kiss, berry crush , pink lolita etc . this has vitamin E and coconut oil and spf upto 20 in it , so it keeps the lips smooth , whenever you go outside you can carry a pack of this, it has tint too , whatever colour you like you can choose that and you are good to goo ..


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3 . Vaseline / Himalaya lip balm – this is another alternative for those who aren’t a big fan of tinted lip balms , and are looking for something which has no shades or tint and you can use it as a normal balm , so for that you can use Vaseline or if you want you can go with himalaya lip balm too , Himalaya lip balm comes of rs 34 (0.41 usd) and the petroleum jelly of vaseline comes of rs145(1.77 usd) which you can use for your cracked heels , dry skin , elbows , lips etc too it is a good alternative 🙂


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4 . Coconut oil – now if you are looking forward into something just that you don’t like using balms outside when you are traveling , if you don’t prefer using it , sometimes lip balms doesn’t suite everyone it feels oily oily when outside , then the best option is coconut oil , ranging from rs 38 (0.46 usd) to rs 295 (3.59 usd) depending on the grams or liter you buy , this helps to keep the lips moisturized , what one can do is apply parachute coconut oil on your lips before going to bed , everyday , yes you can use this method everyday , then when you wake up in the morning lips doesn’t feel much dry , it feels moisturized , you can carry forward with your regular lipstick and you are good to goo .. but having a lip balm 1 in hand is always useful , you can pick the one which best suites you ..

So we learned in this blog about lip balm and different shades and price ranges of it , and which one you should go for 

happy shopping : )

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