3 Ways to Style a Men’s Muffler Scarf

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A men’s muffler scarf not only keeps you warm but can also be the perfect accessory to complement your look. They’re similar to scarves, but typically longer and wider, with oversized fabric and simple designs that don’t take away from the rest of your outfit. So how do you wear one of these menswear accessories? Here are three ways to style a men’s muffler scarf.

1) The Classic


The classic style is the easiest way to wear a men’s scarf. It can be worn around your neck or over your shoulders like a shawl. Pair it with jeans and boots for an effortless look. Dress it up with slacks and dress shoes for a night on the town.

The Fashionista: Dress up any outfit with this trendy, versatile accessory. Wear it wrapped around your neck as a scarf, draped over your shoulder as a shawl, or wrapped around you twice as a hoodie-style coat! Get creative by tying one end of the muffler in front of you so that it forms an X shape – now all you need are arms!

2) The Asymmetrical

An easy way to style your men’s muffler scarf is to wrap it around your neck and let the ends hang down asymmetrically. This style looks great with a blazer or suit and will keep you warm on those chilly winter days! The Half-Wrap: Another option for styling your men’s muffler scarf is to drape it over one shoulder so that one side hangs loosely while the other side wraps tightly around the neck.

3) The Biker

Men’s mufflers are great because they can be worn in so many different ways. Here are three ways you can style yours this winter:

1) Wear it like a biker – wrap it around your neck, tuck it into your coat, and then put on your gloves. You’ll look like you’re ready to take on the day!

2) Wear it as an infinity scarf – Loop it around your neck twice, and then tie it at the back of your neck.

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