3 Ways To Shop Gemstone Pendant Necklaces For Her

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Be it her birthday, your anniversary, or just another day when you want to express your love to your significant other or the special ladies in your life with a gift – jewelry is the best option! Gemstone jewelry has become quite popular among millennials. The pop of color of gemstone pendant necklaces makes it easier to accessorize with trendy attire!

Gemstone pendant necklaces are a statement accessory that glams up any outfit. If you’re looking for an amazing present for your special lady then get her a gemstone pendant necklace.

If you’ve decided about investing in a gemstone pendant necklace then here are three ways to shop for a gorgeous necklace for her!

1. Gemstone

Sparkly, dazzling, and bright at the same time, gemstones have become quite the talk of the town. When we tell you that you can choose any gemstone according to your budget and the shade that you prefer, what would your reaction be? I am sure you’ll be happy to know that. GemsNY is a bespoke jewelry brand that gives you the luxury of choosing each element of the accessory to create the jewelry that you will wear for the rest of your life.

gemstone pendant necklaces 1

Choose any gemstone you like for your gemstone pendant necklace from a wide variety of collections at GemsNY. From sapphires, emeralds, rubies, and diamonds to tanzanites and even alexandrites, the selection of gemstones is humongous and unending. Choose the gemstone for her gemstone pendant necklace that will complement her look in any attire she adorns.

2. Design

One of the ways of shopping for a gemstone pendant necklace is by deciding on the setting or the design of the necklace that she would like to wear with her favorite dress.

gemstone pendant necklaces 2

What will you choose first? The setting or the gemstone. Before taking the final call on the perfect design and the gemstone that your significant other will fall in love with, make sure that the sapphire pendant necklace speaks all about her and her personality.


3. Metal

In choosing the right gemstone pendant necklace, you must also consider the metal that goes best with your SO’s skin tone. There is a wide variety of metals to choose from, like yellow gold, white gold, rose gold, and platinum. Although there are numerous options, you can also choose the metal on the basis of its color and strength.

Yellow, white, rose gold

The metal gold comes in 3 different colors that you can choose from. Deciding on which metal to go for should be based on the durability, versatility, and shine of the metal. These factors play an important role in the long run for the product to have a long life. Real Ruby necklaces will look fabulous in any of these three gorgeous colors!

– Platinum

Platinum is premium metal and hence costs more than any other metal. It is heavier and therefore, more durable and scratch-resistant when compared to gold. It is white in color so there are no color options to choose from. Gemstone pendant necklaces would look gorgeous if set in platinum because the shiny metal makes any gemstone look great. Platinum has a very long lifespan which means that your SO can use it till the end of time or even pass it on as a legacy in the family.

Which metal is your favorite?

These are the three ways to shop for a gemstone pendant necklace for your SO.

A gemstone pendant necklace would make for an amazing surprise for your SO. GemsNY is the best place where you can bring the jewelry of your dreams to life by choosing all the important elements of the accessory according to your own liking!

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