3 Ways That Aging Can Affect Our Hair

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Without a doubt, we can all say that our hair is really important to us, each and every one of us! Remember when you were a kid and you used to play around with hair colours and styles every day? Unfortunately, you won’t be able to accomplish all of this for the rest of your life, and the reason is obvious. Hair changes as you get older!

Aging is a normal process that modifies our bodies in a variety of ways. Not only do our skin and physique change as we get older, but we also change as we get older. People are most concerned with their hair, which is a significant aspect of their personality.

Hair Changes Treatment

One of the most typical effects of hair aging is hair loss. People choose treatment options based on the severity of their hair loss in order to reduce negative effects. Treatments for hair loss range from over hair growth vitamins and oils to surgical hair transplant surgery.

Aging can change your hair in the following ways, including;

1- Hair greying.

Many People fight their grey hairs with a regular stream of colourist appointments, while others accept them with relative ease. Apart from the inevitable passage of time, there are a few other hereditary factors that influence how and when you become grey. “ According to reports, some people start greying around their mid-30s.

2 – Dryness

Excessive oil production in your hair and skin may have been a feature of your teenage years, but hormonal shifts in your 40s and beyond will also cause changes in your scalp’s oil glands.

3- Hair production stops

Menopause reduces the hormones that help promote follicle fibers, which can lead to modest testosterone dominance. According to the Local Hospital, this causes hair thinning and prevents hair follicles from creating new hair.


If you discover that your hair loss or shedding hasn’t stopped, it’s time to consult your doctor. You could be taking medications that are causing your hair to fall out, according to the Clinic. A dermatologist can assist you in determining how to counteract these effects…

By Sara Khan

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