3 Unique Ways to Wear Your Biker Shorts

Biker Shorts all black
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Biker shorts are ideal for a number of occasions and events. Many love them for their comfort and easiness when walking around. A good number of ladies have multiple biker shorts in their closest but literally have no idea of how to wear them and what accompaniments to have alongside the biker shorts.

Two years ago, the world had no idea that biker shorts could be worn as an outfit. Bikers were constrained on the inside and were strictly worn as inners. The first time to see a woman where a biker short in outdoor activity was through a photo on Instagram. I must say I was perplexed by the audacity of the woman. Fast-tracking to two years down the line, I am sitting in my favorite restaurant in a pair of biker shorts writing this article down.

Biker shorts have proven to be very versatile in that they easily fit a number of events may it be a night out, a gym session, or even a bike ride. Here are the 3 unique ideas and ways to wear your biker shorts.

1. Biker shorts+ Tshirt and sneakers:

I must say that probably this is one of the most common ways to wear your biker shorts. If you choose black biker shorts, it is advisable you choose a white pair of sneakers as well as a black T-shirt to make sure they blend perfectly. You can have a white slim bag to complement your entire outfit.

 Biker Shorts and tshirt

2.Blazer+ crop top +Biker shorts:

Many of you are perhaps wondering how an official blazer could match such an unofficial garment as biker short. Truth be told, they form an inseparable duo and the outcome is a sassy and very sexy outfit. A combination of a blazer and biker shorts is such a complete turn-on. If you decide to do such an outfit, make sure you choose a pair of heeled sandals.

 Biker Shorts and blazer

3. All-black shorts:

I don’t know if someone has ever told you how attractive you look in an all-black outfit! By now, you should have noticed that a single-color outfit is far much better than a multiple-color one. With a black crop top and a black pair of biker shorts coupled with a black belt bag, you are good to go. This outfit will need a pair of white sneakers to have you dazzling and completely sexy. Try it out and let me know how it went along.

 Biker Shorts all black




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