3 Styles of Women’s Wool Coats That Will Keep You Warm All Winter

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Every woman’s closet should have at least one wool coat for the winter, as they will keep you warm and stylish all season long. There are so many great styles of women’s wool coats available now that finding the right one to complement your wardrobe can be fun and easy! Here are three of our favorite styles to choose from!

1) The Trench Coat

One way to keep warm in the winter is with a wool coat. A trench coat is one style that will keep you nice and toasty when the wind starts to blow. The best thing about a trench coat is that you can wear it over anything! It doesn’t matter what outfit you have on, all you need to do is throw it over your shoulders, and voila! Instant chic.

2) The Pea Coat


women’s wool coats

A pea coat is a double-breasted, hip-length woolen coat with broad lapels and low buttoning. The coats are traditionally made from heavy navy blue wool and designed to combat harsh weather conditions at sea. Pea coats have been around since the 18th century when navies would provide them for their sailors. They are still popular with both men and women today because they are not only durable but also stylish.

3) The Car Coat

The Car Coat is the most versatile of all women’s wool coats and is typically a trim-fitting, hip-length coat with a shaped front. The cut and style can vary from short cropped length to long A-line styles, from chic dressy blazer styles to sporty zip-front jackets. Versatility and practicality make this style one of the top women’s wool coats for wintertime.

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