3 Most Flattering Outfits For a Long Neck

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If you have a longer neck, think of it as a fashion advantage. Longer necks are seen as a sign of beauty by many well-known models. You have a lot more possibilities with your hairstyle and necklaces than women with short necks. Because the eyes prefer items that are well-balanced, carefully dressing a long neck can improve the overall appearance of your body proportions.

Let’s have a look at what you should wear to obtain a balanced look if you have a long neck.

Put on a turtleneck sweater:

                                                                                 photo credit: pinklily.com

The higher the sweater’s neckline, the better it will “conceal” your neck. If the sweater’s neck is rolled down twice, it will provide volume to your neck, helping to balance out the length of your neck.

Wear silk scarves high on the neck

Silk scarves can be difficult to wear for women with short necks, but they are one of the greatest ways to dress ladies with a long neck. When you tie silk scarves around your neck high on your neck, they partially conceal your neck and visually shorten it.




                                                       photo credit:  hautelook.com

Put on a blouse with a neck bow

A shirt with a neck bow can look amazing on a lady with a longer neck since it creates a lot of volume in front of your chest, making your long neck look less visible.

photo credit: popsugar.com
photo credit: choies.com

By Isha Sharma

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