3 Reasons why Women wear Trousers

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Trousers are a typical men’s item of clothing, but today they’ re not new among women either. There are countless styles of pants for women, from almost every style of dress and even uniforms and suits that include trousers.
With the acceptance of trousers in women’s clothing, women’s lives have become easier, so we have countless reasons to opt for a pair of trousers in certain situations.



Pants make our life easier

Trousers and a easier life. As society has evolved, women have taken over some of the duties and privileges of men. Therefore, it’s much more comfortable to wear a pair of light trousers, training pants or even tights when cleaning the house, taking the child to kindergarten or walking the shopping trolley in the supermarket. Imagine going to the gym in a skirt?!
Pants, as long as they are comfortable, allow us better mobility and help our bodies feel better. This might make us feel stronger and more energetic.

If your religion and society still doesn’t allow it, you can only use it at home when no one sees you. For cold days, one idea would be to wear a pair of tight tights under a long dress or skirt.
Here a short tutorial https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f8-tfc65_tg

With the help of trousers we can balance our silhouette

women trousers

Trousers help us accentuate our silhouette much more easily and hide our less pleasing parts.
If you have an hourglass silhouette, bodycon trousers, even skinny jeans, will keep your body shape. Plus they can be worn with almost anything.

If you have a rectangular body shape, a pair of capri or banana pants will add a little volume in the hip area. Also a pair of loose trousers, not too tight, but with a higher waist will give you the illusion of a smaller waist.
For the pear-shaped body, a pair of straight and very long trousers will create the impression of much straighter and longer legs and visually reduce the volume in the hip area. And if you want to add some volume on top at the same time, you can choose a jumpsuit and don’t forget to mark your waist.
Women with an apple silhouette can wear flared and long trousers and even lighter coloured trousers to balance the volume on top. They’ll look even better than a shapeless skirt.
On top of that, you can add a medium sized, darker colored belt right in the waist area.



Pants and masculine energy

We know that we have both male and female energy and each has its advantages.
When we want to achieve good professional results, close a deal, negotiate, present a project at work or achieve any goal where we need a cooler, tougher attitude, masculine energy is more appropriate.

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This doesn’t mean we have to act like men, just use more masculine energy, which can be achieved with cool and neutral colors, certain clothing styles such as office or minimalist, accessories, hard cuts, fabrics etc.
But the easiest thing is to use a pair of pants. When we wear trousers, we already have a dose of masculine energy. And if the trousers are simple we can add the rest of the more delicate and feminine elements, like a floral print shirt or delicate jewellery.
If the pants are dressier, have feminine prints, or softer textures, keep the rest of the outfit simple. This way we can keep the masculine energy, but not get a completely masculine outfit if we don’t want to.

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If we choose to wear trousers in certain situations because they are a better fit, this doesn’t mean we have to give up on dresses and femininity. Just choose what’s right for us every time.
Keep in mind that feminine and masculine are the way we think, act, speak and handel situations, not just our outfit.


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