3 Hair Dye Colors to Get the Perfect Look

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If you’re looking to change up your look, it can be tough to choose the right hair dye color. There are so many options, after all, that finding the one that’s best for you can be hard. Fortunately, we have some suggestions! Take a look below at three hair dye colors that we think would be perfect for you and start thinking about the new style you’ll have in no time.

1) Brown

Brown is a cool color that looks great with any skin tone. It can be light, medium, or dark brown depending on your preference. Brown hair tends to have a more natural look because of its lack of stark contrast, so it is perfect for people who want their hair color to be more subtle and understated. Brown hair dye is also often best for people with light skin because it doesn’t wash out their complexion.

2) Black

Black hair dye is a dark color and can make your hair look sleek. It’s perfect for those who want to switch up their style from time to time but still like keeping things simple. Black hair dye is easy enough to maintain and usually requires less upkeep than other colors, which makes it a great choice for people who don’t have a lot of time on their hands.

3) Blonde

Blonde is a great color for those who want their hair lightened up. It’s also a great color for those who want a more natural look. Blonde is often used as a base color and can be combined with other colors such as red, blue, or purple. The best part about blonde is that it suits every skin tone.


To summarize, your hair color should match your skin tone. For lighter hair color, use an ash blonde or light brown dye. If you have darker skin and would like a darker hair color, try dark brown or black. To get an even more intense look, consider using a semi-permanent dye for all-over coverage.

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