In this blog article, I have disclosed 28 trending tops for women that you can wear casually and formally. Similarly, wearing these tops on different pants can style and look different. Let’s now have look at them all one by one. TRENDING TOPS FOR WOMEN

1. Asymmetrical Top

many women wear asymmetrical tops as formal wear. However, one can even wear them casually. There are different designs in asymmetrical tops this is why one can either wear them casually as well as formally.

Asymmetrical Top

2. Bardot Top

Bardot tops are also known as off-shoulder tops. Bardot tops are the ideal pick for the spring and summer seasons. These tops give you a very flattering outlook by showing off your shoulders. Similarly, Bardot tops are also really flattering in every shape and size.

Bardot Top

3. Batwing Top

A batwing top has a long sleeve, cut wide at the shoulder with deep armholes that leads to thin tapered wrists, giving it a wing-like appearance. The batwing top is a perfect and comfortable casual wear top hence everyone can wear them easily.

Batwing Top

4. Blouson Top

A blouson top is loose on the upper body, with a cinched waist. Similarly, it has an elastic hem that fits at your waist just perfectly to create a blousing effect with the excess fabric. You should try this formal top if you are tall, slim, and smart.

Blouson Top

5. Bodysuit Top

One can wear a bodysuit top with a pair of jeans as casual wear. Similarly, if you plan to enjoy your swimming at a swimming pool or want to spend your day at a beach you may pick a bodysuit top.

Bodysuit Top

6. Boxy Top

A boxy top gives you a very decent and formal look. In fact, it gives you a very decent and attractive look with a pair of regular pants. Therefore, one can even wear them formally while going to the office or attending any important formal event.

Boxy Top

7. Camisole Top

Camisole tops are an obvious choice for teenagers particularly, during the hot and humid summer season. Similarly, one can wear them with a pair of jeans and shorts while traveling. This casual wear is so common among different celebrities as well.


Camisole Top

8. Cap Top

If you plan to spend your weekend on a beach and enjoy your leisure time with your friends try some cap tops with shorts. There are many varieties and designs there and you can easily choose your favorite one. Cap tops give you a gorgeous and sexy look as well. Similarly, you feel easy and relaxed wearing some lovely tops and shorts.

Cap Top

9. Cardigan Top

You can wear a cardigan top casually.  Similarly, choose it while traveling somewhere. Additionally, pick a pair of jeans or tights with a cardigan top. However, avoid fully buttoning it rather let the lower buttons be unbuttoned.

Cardigans Top

10. Choker Top

There come a variety of designs for choker tops. Basically, a choker top is the combination of a top with a choker collar or a thin scarf attached at the top of it. A choker top can easily be the everyday wardrobe staple for you. Similarly, the choker top can be styled in any way according to the occasion and event you are dressing for.

Choker Top

11. Cold-Shouldered Top

If you plan to spend your day on a beach or you want to go on a long travel journey, try a cold-shouldered top with a pair of shorts. It will keep you comfortable, relaxed, and easy. Similarly, try some unique jewelry and make it impactful and attractive.

Cold-Shouldered Top

12. Collar Top

Collar tops have a very crispy cuff and a collar. Similarly, collar tops come in a variety of designs. Therefore, you can easily pick any of these formal tops as per your style and design. Collar tops are quite comfortable due to the extra flap of fabric and buttons at the front opening.

Collar Top

13. Crop Top

The crop top is a short upper body top piece. It doesn’t cover your midriff. If you are slim and smart, a crop top will give you an attractive look with a pair of jeans.  However, if you have a fat belly you should avoid wearing crop tops.

Crop Top

14. Empire Line Top

The Empire line top is very stylish and attractive clothing with a fitted bodice ending just below the bust. Mostly, empire line tops have a  high-waisted appearance, and a gathered skirt. This particular design makes it a very comfortable outfit which is why women of all ages and sizes can easily wear empire line tops.


Empire Line Top

15. Halter Top

Halter tops are a nice and easy outfit. These tops give you an attractive outlook. Additionally, one can wear them without wearing a bra. Try halter tops while going out on a hot sunny day. Similarly, you can enjoy your evening time with your friends wearing these tops.

Halter Top

16. Henley Neck Top

Henley neck tops are collarless pullover tops with a round neckline. You can wear these trendy tops in all seasons. more importantly, you can also wear them either casually or formally. However, try them with a pair of jeans instead of T-shirts when there is a cold season.

Henley Neck Top

17. High Low Top

High low tops are well in trend at the moment. One can wear them with a pair of decent pants as well as a one-piece dress. Young girls like to wear them casually as well as formally while attending different college and university functions.

High Low Top

18. Kaftan Top

Usually, a kaftan top is an ankle-length garment with long, flowing sleeves. However, these days it comes in a shirt size as well. Basically, this loose type of dress was originally a long, buttoned-up robe. Similarly, kaftan tops were the traditional wear in the Middle East region.

Kaftan Top

19. Keyhole Top

Try these short keyhole tops with a pair of jeans only. These tops just look perfect on a pair of skinny jeans. Keyhole tops look very similar to halter-neck tops, however, they have a central cutaway (the keyhole) just below the collarbone.

Keyhole Top

20. Layered Top

Many young girls like to wear layered tops these days. These tops are quite comfortable and easy to wear in the hot and humid summer season. Try these layered tops while going to attend any event or enjoying your time while watching a movie with your friends.

Layered Top

21. Maxi Top

Maxi tops are off-shoulder long and loose skirts. These casual tops are so stylish and one can wear them in different ways and with different styles. Maxi tops are so popular among ladies because they are flexible, free-flowing, and comfortable.


Maxi Top

22. One-Shoulder Top

One-shoulder tops are mainly formal wear tops. They are very much similar to cold-shoulder tops. Women wear them as wedding gowns, party dresses, and even jumpsuits. Try them while attending a formal party and enjoy your dashing look.

One-Shoulder Top

23. Peplum Top

Mostly, Asian women love to wear peplum tops as formal wear. Actually, a peplum top is a short section of fabric attached to the waistline of a blouse. Although peplum tops look very fitting however one can even wear them to hide their tummy part and hips.

Peplum Top

24. Poncho Top

Poncho tops are the obvious choice for many international fashion designers. These tops are just a perfect pick for the winter and autumn seasons. Similarly, one can wear them formally while attending a party or an important event in the cold season.

Poncho Top

25. Sweatshirt Top

Like poncho, sweatshirt tops are also mainly designed for the winter season. These tops come with a loose fitting and elastic cuffs. Similarly, sweatshirt tops have a drawstring at the waist, commonly worn during athletic activity for warmth or to induce sweating.

Sweat-shirt Top

26. Tie-Front Top

Tie-front tops with a pair of shorts give you a very sexy look. It is easy to wear and one can even wear thick tie-front tops without wearing a bra. Similarly, tie-front tops are the ideal pick for the hot summer season.

Tie-Front Top

27. T-Shirt

T-shirts are one of the most common casual outfits that you can wear anywhere and anytime. However, T-shirts always give a perfect match with a pair of jeans and shorts. Similarly, you can try jackets and coats as per your choice in a cold and rainy season.


28. Yoke Top

Try a yoke top with a pair of jeans and tights. It gives you a nice casual wear outlook. Yoke tops are becoming part of street fashion as well. Similarly, you can enjoy your time with friends with a yoke top.


Yoke Top

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