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Kate Middleton is one of the best fashion icons of all time. Her fashion journey starts with her engagement with Prince William. She is a fashion source for all women who want to take inspiration. There is a time when Princess Dayana, the people’s princess rule the fashion industry. All fashion designers take inspiration from her outfits. But after the tragic death of Princess Dayana, dryness happened in the fashion industry. On 10, November 2010 Kate Middleton started a new fashion era royally. In the fashion industry, we called it as ‘Kate effect’.

 There are two factors, which give a separate fan base to Kate’s fashion. First, she takes fashion inspiration from her late mother law Princess Dayana. And second, she always wears her outfits at least two times with some makeover. It is a brave decision from Kates’s side. Because no other royals do not repeat their outfits. Kate started this change. She is the best example of classic elegance in the fashion industry.

Here is the list of 25 gown fashion ideas from Kate Middleton. We also added her beauty secrets from her royal beauty routine. Her favourite fashion brands are Alexandra McQueen, L. K. Bennet, Jenny Peckham, Beulah London and Doke & Gabbana.

1. Her Engagement Gown


Kate Middleton chooses ISSA to wrap dress for her engagement on 10 November 2010. It’s in Royal blue, which is a perfect match for the skin undertone. A Long V neckline, long sleeve, belt at the waist and end above the knee giving her a completely elegant look. Through this dress, she announces her entrance royally.

2. Wedding Gown

KATE MIDDLETON wedding gown

Her wedding gown is designed by Sara Burton from Alexander MC Queen. The dress is made up of Victorian tradition with modernity. The train on the back was 9 feet long. The lacework of her wedding gown was completely handmade. Also attached with 58 organza-covered buttons on the backside. She also wears a second bridal gown in the evening.

3. ARK 10th Anniversary


KATE MIDDLETON anniversary dress

At the first function after the wedding, Kate wore a gown designed by Jenny Peckham. It’s a rose sequence gown with Swarovski Crystals.

4. BAFTA Awards 2011


Photo credit Getty Images 


The gown was designed by Alexander M C Queen. The colour choice is Lilac, which suits her undertone. A white Belt was added for completing the look.

5. War Horse Premiere 2012


Kate Middleton at Warhorse

Photo credit Splash News

Amoret lace dress from the gorgeous Temperley London. She is a gorgeous black floral-length gown.

6. Dinner with the King of Bhutan 2016

Kate Middleton 4

Maxi dress designed by Designer Tory Burch. An embroidered gown with beads and flowers.

7. Sports Aid’s 40th Anniversary 2016

Kate Middleton 45

A royal blue gown with cut shoulders designed by Roland Mouret.


8. Royal Tour Canada 2016

Kate Middleton 33

Kate Middleton wore a scarlet red gown from the collection of London label Preen.

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9. BAFTA red carpet 2017

Kate Middleton 57546

The gown was designed by Alexander MC Queen same brand who design her wedding gown. A black floral print gown with off-shoulders. A belt is added according to her rectangle body type.

10. Green dress 2017

Kate Middleton 334

Kate Middleton wear a lace green gown with a belt from the collection of Temper Lay London.

11. BAFTA 2018

Kate Middleton bafta

The gown was designed by Jenny Peckham. A deep green gown with a black belt. A black velvet bow is added according to the function.

12. State Banquet at the Palace 2018

Kate Middleton dress

Kate Middleton is stunning in an Alexander MC Queen gown with special Jewellery.

13. Tusk Conservation Award 2018

Kate Middleton 5675

Kate Middleton wear a gown designed by Jenney Peckham in aqua green colour with a belt.

14. BAFTA 2019

Kate Middleton 435

A Grecian-style gown designed by Alexander MC Queen. A white gown in asymmetrical layers.

15. Night Out in 2019


Kate Middleton 334

Kate wore a glittering green gown from the collection of Vampires Wife.


16. 25th Anniversary Palace 2020

Kate Middleton 564

Kate Middleton wear a royal blue gown designed by Jenney Peckham.

17. No Time to Die 2021

Kate Middleton gold dress

A different style gown designed by Jenny Peckham in gold sequence.

18. Military Parade Jamaica 2022

Kate Middleton white lace at parade

Kate Middleton wears a white lace midi-length gown with a white hat and white shoes.

19. Evening Reception in Belize 2022

Kate Middleton reception

Photo credit Stephan Lock Images 

Kate Middleton wears a glittering pink gown from the Vampire’s Wife collection.

20. Arriving in Jamaica in 2022

Kate Middleton 456

Kate Middleton is gorgeous in a golden yellow Roksanda gown.

21. Dinner in Jamaica 2022

Kate Middleton Jamaica

Photo credit Getty Images

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Kate Middleton wear a green shining gown designed by Jenney Peckham.

22. Bahamas Reception 2022

Kate Middleton Bahamas

Kate wore a satin gown in ice blue colour designed by Philip Lesley.

23. Prize Ceremony Boston 2022

Kate Middleton all green

The only rented gown was worn by Kate Middleton for promoting sustainable fashion. She was awesome in a green off-shoulder gown.

24. Annual Diplomatic Corps Reception 2022

Kate Middleton 455423

Kate Middleton wears a red sequence pattern gown designed by Jenny Peckham.

25. King Charles Coronation Look 2023

Kate Middleton 56

Kate Middleton wore an ivory dress designed by Alexander MC Queen is a perfect match for the occasion.

Beauty tips from Kate Middleton

1. Natural Look always

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2. Always keep hair neat

3. Only highlight one feature of the face, either the eye or the lip.

4. Neatly trimmed nails – Always wear Pale pink nail polish

5. Always prefer a cream blush, peach or soft pink

6. A big fan of Rose Hip oil

7. Anti ageing bee venom facial

8. Wear beauty sleep elixir at night

Kate Middleton Makeup Bag

1. Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturiser

2. YSL Touché Club Face Highlighter Pen

3. Bobbi Brown Braw Kit

4. Pale Pink Blush Bobbi Brown

5. Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick Highlighter

6. Lancôme Art Liner pen

7. Bobbi Brown Gel Eyeliner

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8. Lancôme Hypnose Mascara

9. Bobbi Brown Peach Lipstick

10. Joe Malone Orange Blossom Perfume

In this article, I mostly included the party gowns of Kate Middleton. Kate is also famous for her evening and formal wear looks. And her hat, tiaras, jewellery, bags and footwear also have a separate fan base.

Are you thinking that we can’t afford these outfits? Don’t worry, we can recreate this looks with another material. Because all are beautiful. And make sure to be a person like Kate Middleton who has a beautiful heart too.

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