24 Best Fashion Industry Services to Sell Online on Fiverr in 2023


Remote working has been a popular trend in the fashion industry in recent years, especially since covid19 started to spread. The leading and high-paying online jobs platform is Fiverr where sellers can showcase their skills and get paid for the work they do for clients from different parts of the world. This platform has endless work opportunities for everyone in the fashion industry for a side hustle or full-time living. In addition, sellers set their rates and working hours and make thousands of dollars on high demanding services.

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24 Best Fashion Industry Services to sell online on Fiverr in 2023

24 top lucrative seller services

Fiver has more than 230 categories and here are the top lucrative remote jobs that you can offer. A new seller of graphic designing services can earn 50$ plus for a single logo whereas the pro seller can earn 4000$ plus. Some services are higher in value than others on this platform and the reason is the demand for those services and competition in the marketplace. Here are the 24 best fashion industries to sell online.

  1. Graphic Designer
  2. Copywriting
  3. Influencer Marketing
  4. NFT Artist
  5. Fashion Stylist
  6. Fashion Illustrator
  7. Fashion Designer
  8. Personal Stylist
  9. Fashion Writer
  10. Fashion Blogger/Vlogger
  11. Fashion Photographer
  12. Fashion Videographer
  13. Social Media Manager
  14. Trend Forecaster
  15. Fashion Modeling (Video/Photo)
  16. Brand Identity Creator
  17. Personal Shopper
  18. 3D Fashion Garment Designer
  19. Retouch Product Photography
  20. Fashion Store Manager
  21. Shopify Clothing Store Maker
  22. Technical Fashion Drawing Maker
  23. PPE Product Catalog
  24. CBD Lookbook/ Fashion Lookbook

If your skillset is not among the highest-paying gigs, you can offer the services you are good at and work on your Fiverr ranking to make more money. For eg. Choosing the right category of your services, receiving good reviews, selecting the right service offer image and content, and building trustworthy buyers.

Register as a Fiverr seller

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Register as a Fiverr Seller

Become a registered seller by following the below steps

  • Sign up through this link (Click here) as a seller
  • Verify your account through email
  • Activate your seller account by clicking on the profile picture on the top right, then click “become a seller”
  • You will be redirected to a page, click “Become a Seller” again to start the process of onboarding.
  • On the screen you will see 3 videos on “How to use Fiverr as a seller”, watch them
  • After watching videos, you will be directed to Fiverr’s tips as a seller, click continue
  • Complete all the mandatory information required regarding your skills and experience (as marked with an asterisk)
  • You can link your other social accounts to upgrade your account credibility (It’s optional)
  • The last step is to verify your phone number, now you’re ready to offer your first service to the buyers

Create your first service offer

“Gig” is the term used for the service you offer to sell on the platform. Your Gig (service offer), allows you to provide all the information about the service you will provide to the buyer. This helps buyers learn what’s all included in the offer so that an order can be placed with you. You can only create Gigs as a seller through a laptop or PC. Follow the below steps to create your first gig successfully.

Step 1: Gig Overview

  1. Log in to your profile, click on “My Profile”, then click on “Create a New Gig”
  2. You will be asked to give a Gig Overview (your service overview) through the following
  • Gig Title: Give a title to your service offer. E.g. If you are offering a logo designing service offer then you can have a title like “I will design a modern and minimalist logo for your fashion company”. The title should be short, on point, and clear for buyers to understand the offer immediately.
  • Category: Select a category and subcategory from the given option that is related to the offered service. E.g. for the Logo Design service offered, the suitable category would be Graphic & Design, and the subcategory would be Logo Design
  • Service Type: Select the option that matched your offer (Note: This option is available in certain categories only)
  • Gig Metadata: Select the option that matched your offer title (Note: This option is available in certain categories only)
  • Search Tags: Here you can add 1 to 5 words that describe your Gig the best such as logo designing, minimal logo design, etc. Then click Save and Continue.

Step 2: Scope and Pricing

  • Name your package: Here add all the details of your service offer
  • Delivery Time: You can add how many days it will take you to complete the logo design work. You can also add several logos according to the days.
  • Revision: If you would like to give the option of a revision to your service, you can select several revisions. (It’s optional but I would recommend you to give at least 2 revisions as a new Fiverr user)
  • Price: You can create up to 3 packages. E.g Package 1 would be $30 for 1 logo, package 2 would be $ 50 for 2 logos, and $60 for 3 logos.
  • Extra Services. It allows you to give premium service offers and charge accordingly. Eg. I will create 1 logo in 12 hours and charge 40$ for it. This is an optional feature.

Step 3: Description and Frequently Asked Questions

  • Description: With the character limit of 1,200, you can describe your Gig. Do not use any URLs or contact information.
  • FAQs: This is an optional feature and a maximum of 8 questions with answers can be added. You can use it to answer the most common questions related to your gig.

Step 4: Requirements

  • This is optional and you can use this feature to save time but add questions for the buyers. For example, if any buyer makes an order. A list of auto-questions will be sent to them e.g. What is the name of your company? What colors would you prefer? Etc. You can attach all such information in a file up to 5 GB.

Step 5: Gallery

  • You can give a title image or video to your offer to make it look attractive. File up to 5GB can be uploaded. For images, the ideal size is 1280 x 769 px (at 72 DPI) and a maximum of 3 images can be added. For videos, the maximum limit should be 75 seconds and size within 50 GB. Never mention your contact details on the offer Image or Video.
  • Do not copy-paste images or videos from the internet rather use the free templates of Canva.
  • Audio and PDF: These features are options and are available in limited categories only.

Step 6: Publish

  • Click on publish. You can also promote your gig on social media platforms, especially with groups. It is recommended to wait and check till your gig shows the “Active” label on it.


  • If something goes wrong with your order such as you are not able to submit the order on time, you want to cancel your order, etc. You can always approach the support team of Fiverr at the email address [email protected] or on any social media platform
  • Never use your contact information with the buyer through Gig description or in any communication as it’s not allowed on this platform and Fiverr can ban your account permanently
  • If you feel stuck anywhere, watch Fiverr tutorials on the portal or youtube


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