21 Trendiest Fashion Blogs to Follow in 2023

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When it comes to fashion blogging, visuals play a crucial role. That’s why many fashion enthusiasts turn to Instagram and fashion blogs to indulge in all things stylish. Instagram excels at providing quick style inspirations like OOTDs (outfit of the day), but fashion blogs are where serious fashionistas go to delve into trends, seek advice, and explore the latest fashion innovations. On days when you’re not feeling particularly fashionable, fashion blogs can provide the inspiration you need to dress well even on lazy mornings. If you’re eyeing this season’s hottest trends, these blogs can guide you in finding clothing pieces and colors that flatter your body type. They can also offer ideas on how to mix and match items to create multiple flawless looks without breaking the bank.

The emergence of fashionable Instagram influencers and stylists paved the way for the bloggers on our list to establish a strong online presence. Many of these bloggers initially gained popularity through social media, where their keen eye for style caught the attention of their followers. Although they have their own websites, most of them maintain an active presence on Instagram and YouTube.

With refreshed energy and a passion for fashion, these bloggers continue to captivate their audience, providing valuable insights, trend analyses, and style inspiration through their blog posts, social media platforms, and video content.

21 Trendiest Fashion Blogs to Follow in 2023:

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These blogs are known for their unique perspectives, diverse content, and significant following:

  1. The Blonde Salad
  2. Song of Style
  3. Man Repeller
  4. Atlantic-Pacific
  5. The Fashionista Diaries
  6. Style Chronicles
  7. Fashion Forward
  8. Street Style Maven
  9. The Fashion Spot
  10. The Fashion Guitar
  11. Wendy’s Lookbook
  12. The Chriselle Factor
  13. Sincerely Jules
  14. Aimee Song
  15. The Coveteur
  16. Who What Wear
  17. Fashion Toast
  18. The Sartorialist
  19. Le 21ème
  20. The Man Repeller
  21. Bryanboy

Certainly! Here’s a brief overview of each of the 21 fashion blogs:

1. The Blonde Salad: Founded by Chiara Ferragni, The Blonde Salad offers a mix of personal style, fashion news, beauty tips, and lifestyle content. Chiara’s collaborations with renowned fashion brands have contributed to the blog’s success.

2. Song of Style: Aimee Song’s blog showcases her fashion-forward and accessible style. It covers personal outfits, interior design inspiration, travel adventures, and beauty tips. Aimee Song has a strong social media presence and a devoted following.


3. Man Repeller: Known for its unique and quirky approach to fashion, Man Repeller celebrates personal style without conforming to traditional beauty standards. It covers fashion trends, culture, and lifestyle with a fresh perspective.

4. Atlantic-Pacific: Blair Eadie’s blog showcases her distinctive and colorful style. It features outfit posts, fashion inspiration, and trend forecasts, often incorporating vibrant colors, patterns, and statement accessories.

5. The Fashionista Diaries: This blog focuses on the latest trends, style tips, and fashion news, covering a wide range of topics including clothing, accessories, beauty, and lifestyle.

6. Style Chronicles: Style Chronicles offers innovative fashion perspectives, outfit inspiration, and showcases the latest collections from both established and emerging designers.

7. Fashion Forward: This blog is dedicated to sustainable and ethical fashion, highlighting brands that prioritize eco-friendly practices and responsible sourcing.

8. Street Style Maven: Street Style Maven captures the best street fashion from around the world, featuring real people with unique and inspiring personal styles.

9. The Fashion Spot: The Fashion Spot covers fashion news, trends, and industry insights, providing a platform for fashion enthusiasts to engage and discuss various topics.


10. The Fashion Guitar: Charlotte Groeneveld’s blog showcases her sophisticated and chic style, featuring personal outfits, beauty tips, and lifestyle content.

11. Wendy’s Lookbook: Wendy Nguyen shares her fashion sense through outfit posts, fashion videos, and styling tips. Her blog offers a blend of timeless and trendy fashion inspiration.

12. The Chriselle Factor: Chriselle Lim’s blog provides fashion, beauty, and lifestyle content, offering a mix of outfit inspiration, beauty tips, and helpful tutorials.

13. Sincerely Jules: Founded by Julie Sariñana, this blog focuses on personal style, travel diaries, and fashion inspiration, often incorporating a relaxed and effortless aesthetic.

14. Aimee Song: Aimee Song’s blog features her eclectic style, travel adventures, interior design inspiration, and beauty tips. She has gained a significant following through her engaging content.

15. The Coveteur: The Coveteur offers an inside look into the lives and closets of influential personalities in the fashion, beauty, and entertainment industries.

16. Who What Wear: Who What Wear is a popular fashion and style website that covers celebrity fashion, trend forecasts, and provides practical styling advice for readers.


17. Fashion Toast: Founded by Rumi Neely, Fashion Toast is known for its minimalist and effortless style, offering inspiration for modern and chic outfits.

18. The Sartorialist: The Sartorialist is a renowned street style blog by Scott Schuman, capturing stylish individuals from around the world and showcasing their unique fashion sense.

19. Le 21ème: Adam Katz Sinding’s blog features captivating street-style photography, documenting fashion moments from various global fashion weeks and events.

20. The Man Repeller: This blog celebrates self-expression through fashion and challenges conventional beauty norms, offering an irreverent and thought-provoking take on the style.

21. Bryanboy: Bryanboy’s blog covers fashion, beauty, and travel, providing a blend of personal style, runway coverage, and celebrity fashion.

These blogs offer a diverse range of perspectives, styles, and content, catering to different fashion interests and inspirations. Each blog has its own unique voice and approach to fashion, providing readers with a rich and engaging experience.

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