4 basic Fashion Show Tipes

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One of the first things we think of when it comes to the luxurious and exciting world of fashion are fashion shows.

A fashion show is usually associated with expensive clothes, luxury, celebrities, models, photographers, magazine appearances etc… but behind them there is usually a lot of hustle and bustle and preparations of clothing collections.

However, the best way to present a new collection of clothes is a fashion show, and depending on the type of collection, clothing style, message conveyed, budget allocated, location and size of the event, each designer can choose between several types of fashion shows.

Here my post on the prcess of designing an fashion item The 5 basic stages of a fashion item and fashion trends (ourfashionpassion.com)

Fashion show

Formal Fashion Show

Formal fashion shows need a huge amount of advance planning which includes booking models and fittings, arranging for a runway, scenery, lighting, microphones, music, seating, and
also assistants.

The clothes will usually be grouped on the basis of styling, colour, or other visual criteria. In order to set a particular mood and to complement the clothes, models and
music are chosen carefully.

Designer Trunk Show

Designer trunk shows are done in collaboration with a single vendor. They are a very popular
way of selling expensive collections. Careful record keeping by sales associates is important
here as it will be from these that the best customers are chosen and sent invitations.

The representative or the designer him/herself will visit stores with the collection and usually show
it on models in the designer collections department. In this way customers are able to see the
entire collection unedited by a buyer. They can then order samples in their own sizes.

Summer limited Time sale

Around fifty percent of designers and retailers’ total business often comes through trunk shows. They
are also considered very time consuming and exhausting work and a lot of designers and
retailers have now actually stopped doing this type of show.

Department Fashion Show

Department fashion shows are produced in-store on a much smaller scale to generate
immediate sales. A platform is usually set up right in the department itself that carries the

Informal Fashion Show

The easiest shows to produce are the informal fashion shows. Models walk through the store
wearing the fashion items and showing them to customers. Usually, customers like to ask questions
and there is no hurry for the models who can take their time. The usual procedure for this is
that it is done in conjunction with a special promotion or trunk show.

Here an example Informal Fashion Show – Beauty in the Streets – YouTube


Today with the development of technology and the desire to always come up with something new on the market, there are more and more ways to promote a clothing line, both online and offline.

How would you choose to launch your first fashion collection?

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