2023 Spring Fashion Trend:8 Essential Back-to-school outfits

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Hello hello, fashionistas, it’s the start of a new work week, and guess what? Schools are resuming (squeals). If you are in Nigeria, you’ll know the elections are over and it’s time to return to school. Yep, even though some colleges were still in session during the elections, many others are just starting out a new session. For example, my college (lol). I wanted to do my shopping for outfits for the new session. So, here are the 2023 Spring Fashion Trend:8 Essential Back-to-school outfits

2023 Spring Fashion Trends

Now, Nigeria has quite a confusing weather trend. We are in the dry season but can spot heavy rainfall now and again. It’s very confusing. So it could go from being so cold in the morning to being extra hot in the afternoon and then rain in the evening (lol). It can get so annoying that you would be confused when it comes to what to wear. However, we are moving towards the wet season which means rain, rain, heat, cold, and more rain (lmao). Also, spring is upon us in less than two weeks guys (squeals). Now, spring consists of rain, heat, and warm air, we gotta be prepared for the dew and for the sun as well.

So, how about we create our shopping lists and style them together?

Here are the top 8 essential back-to-school 2023 spring fashion trends:

Now, we will be basing our shopping list and style creation according to the fashion trends of 2023. This means there will be an implementation of colors, materials, tones, and all that are trending pieces for 2023.

1. Rainy and springy vibe footwear

The classic and most essential back-to-school supply is footwear. Furthermore, the most essential footwear for warm and wet seasons is waterproof shoes.

Shoes like

2023 Fashion Trends spring fashion trends

  1. Sneakers made with waterproof leather
  2. Rubber sandals and slips: e.g., crocs.
  3. Waterproof Ballet Flats
  4. Mules

2. Oversized Denim Shirts

You heard it right, folks. Denim is going nowhere as it is one of the fashion trends for 2023 and would look really cool for any occasion. In this case, oversized denim shirts can be styled in different ways. For example, pairing it with leggings or dark-colored jeans would give you a classy vibe. You can also throw on a matching-colored top and pants and pair the denim shirt like a jacket. However, if you are the type who loves dresses, then go for an oversized denim shirt dress. Also, if you’d like to keep it trendy, go for a street-style oversized denim shirt with baggy denim jeans.

You've found the one, now I find the dress.

Overall, there are a lot of outfits to pair the denim shirts with, so go ahead and place it on your shopping list. You can top off your outfit with a pair of waterproof sneakers or ballet flats. Okay, honestly if I wanted to go for this outfit, here’s my style. I’d go for an oversized denim shirt, white jeans, and a pair of floral sneakers. When it comes to fashion, I like to keep it minimal but extremely comfortable, so why not?

3. Baggy on baggy outfits

So, according to our trend list for 2023, baggy pants are another one-way street to fashionista land. The outfit can include baggy pants and oversized shirts. College is one place where you can be moderately free with your fashion lifestyle because even though the school has rules, we can always style our way around them. For example, pairing cargo pants with an oversized white shirt. Cargo pants are great because they are also trendy. You can also go for a plain baggy blouse tucked into a pair of boyfriend jeans.

Baggy pants are versatile, which means we could have baggy joggers, sweatpants, and jeans with baggy endings. All of these can be paired with oversized shirts. Or you can switch things up by tucking in a fitted blouse and then adding a baggy shirt like a jacket. Now, one other type of baggy pant that is slightly less called baggy is palazzos. They are just hmmm amazing when styling. Palazzos can be paired with both loose and fitted shirts or tops. For example, tuck the front of the baggy white shirt into your floral palazzo and pair it with nice brown sandals. This is one of my favorite styles when it comes to baggy comfort.

4. Bomber jacket outfit

We saw from the spring/summer runway prediction for 2023 that bomber jackets are still in vogue and better. With Givenchy giving us its padded waterproof styles, we can rest assured that our rainy issues are solved. A more fitting idea will be the leather bomber jackets that not only have two trending signatures but are more fashionable in 2023.

You can pair bomber jackets with almost anything. For example, you can match any top and a pair of denim jeans with a leather bomber jacket paired. Or since spring is upon us, a more floral fitted or flared gown, and a waterproof bomber jacket. Also, do you know the coolest thing about bomber jackets? You can pair them with any footwear!

5. Sporty outfits

I was never a sports person and basically the only sport I would consider is swimming (lol). However, sporty outfits aren’t just for sports festivities, on the contrary, they are more available and fashionable. Any sporty fashion products like jerseys, tennis skirts, golf polos, tennis hats, track pants, or full tracksuits, can be worn as street fashion.

6. 2023 trendy color outfits

Now, when it comes to fashion trends, we do not just get the outfits but the colors to go with the outfits. My personal favorite trendy color for 2023 is the purple hue, maybe because I love purple. Other trending colors for the spring season are sunset yellow, candyfloss shade of pink, and cobalt blue. Having any of these colors on your shopping list should keep you right on track for the current trends.


7. Drop waist dresses and skirts

Since one of the trending fashion looks for 2023 is serving us 90s vibes, the drop waist outfits are one to go for. Other than slip-on dresses, the drop waist outfit can come in dresses or skirts and can be paired with jackets or shirts underneath giving the 90s and modern-day statement. I do like the sound of a drop waist but I love the style even more. Ever since I saw them on the runway, I’ve kept my eye out for them in stores. So, let’s just say it’s part of my shopping list and I hope it enters yours now (wink).

8. Skirts

Skirts are a touchy subject for me because I recently got chosen as the Assistant Head Usher of my fellowship. Which means more skirts (pouts). I never really liked wearing skirts, especially fitted ones, because they were too demanding. I would have to combine tops and shirts before finding a suitable match (lol). However, I found out that skirts aren’t all that bad and we just have to be smart when styling.

Now, my favorite go-to skirt is the flared version which is why I like tennis skirts so much (of course not too short, lol). But then, I bought a fitted army green pocketed skirt that I am having a lot of fun with. So, you can pair your favorite skirt with a plain blouse, jersey, or t-shirt. I once wore a white shirt tucked into my knee-length wine skirt and tied a small wine scarf around my neck and completed the look with a pair of slipper heels.

So, ladies and gentlemen of fashion, before going to the store, make sure to have your handy shopping list with you featuring these trendy styles (wink). Okay, I gotta go buy more stylish crocs and ballet flats since I’ve got a presentation coming up on Thursday. Wish me luck people (fighting).

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Later Fashionistas… (wink)

God bless you guys (love emoji)

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By Oluwatoyosi

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