2023 Nail Colours by Month: Get Popular Colours for Every Month

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Nails have always been one of the things that people have admired in the modern era. People have always tried new experiments with their nails. Some have grown it or made it look longer and more beautiful by sticking nail extensions; on the other hand, many people have also opted to change nail colors occasionally. Several color shades come for such coloring of nails.

Various websites suggest a specific color palette every year that people can try to adapt to their nail extensions or colors.

Nail colours are followed every month of the year.

nail colours

January – ice blue

This is the month that is considered to be the coldest in many countries. There is also an end to the festive season this month, and people give a new start to their lives and promise themselves many things. People can choose the dark ice blue nail color to paint their nails. This can even make for a statement look with their outfits.

February – pink

The basic color scheme followed in this month is usually the pink and red palette. This is the month of Valentine’s. Thus, people can put on baby pink nail color to showcase their love for their partners, parents, children, and even themselves.

March – mint

The start of spring in many nations. Thus, this month can be started by adding mint nail colors. The color has a certain relevance to show the start of a new life and new blooms. It justifies the month’s season and helps many create statement looks out of it.

April – yellow

The tinge of summer can be felt at this time. Thus, the yellow nail color seems perfect for this month. The color also showcases the energy, lightness, and vibrant look one carries. It helps to match your look with their bright mood.

May – orange

The temperature rises, and it almost feels like the sun is living on the planet. People have chosen orange to be the nail color of the month. It also justifies the vibrant and bold look. It also encourages people to wear bright beach outfits and use bright nail colors.

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June – ocean blue

This is when people can start putting the ocean blue color on their nails. This is the month when people flock to the beaches as summer approaches. The nail color also has a formal look for one’s essential meetings.

July – white

It is possible to become bored with too many colors. July is the time to give breaks to the colors and apply for white-colored nail extensions. The color goes with any outfit and makes it look more elegant.

August – peachy orange

By August, we reach the last month of summer. Apply a vibrant color, like peachy orange-colored nail extensions. Thus, the look justifies the end of the season and also pairs up with the weather and season perfectly.

September – mauve

The month of September should be started by wearing mauve-colored nail extensions. The color is very neutral and helps one create many outfits. One can match any cloth from their outfit with such a color.

October – dark brown

The month of Halloween can be started by wearing a dark brown colored nail extension to start the season with a bold look. The color can go with many outfits and have a formal and casual tinge at the same time.

November – cranberry red

Some colors have to be saved for a long time. Cranberry-colored nail extensions are things one should put on in such a season. They should start their winter with a dark but vibrant color.

December – glittery

The spirit of Christmas can be started by wearing some glittery, colored nail extensions. The color suits the festive season, as it goes with even vibrantly colored outfits. It makes one look more elegant and beautiful.

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