2023: How To Wear A Skirt as A Man

men's skirt
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A skirt is a common outfit, especially among ladies. Having travelled to a number of places in this world, I must admit that it was shocking to discover some regions allow men to dress in skirts. All in all, they looked great and modernised. In your years of experience probably have heard a lot more about gender-neutral fashion. The phrase is fast gaining track especially here in the United States. Men in skirts are now becoming a common thing, especially in western culture. Here is how to wear a skirt as a man.

1. Confidence:

Before I go any inch further into this article, confidence is key when wearing any cross-gender or trans-gender clothing. You gotta have that confidence when walking to work wearing a skirt, bearing in mind that it is a common outfit donned by ladies.

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2. Comfort:

Before choosing any type of men’s skirt, ensure that you can walk around with a lot of ease. Comfort will be a key factor for you.

3. Size and length:

As a man, it would not be advisable for you to start with mini skirts as that might raise the alarm of issues to do with poor dressing and so on. People might begin questioning your sexuality. It is advisable you begin with knee-length skirts to bring out the real taste of fashion in you.

men wearing skirt

4. Material:

Men’s skirts come in different materials. Some are made of spandex and others are made of cotton. If it is your very first time wearing miniskirts, I would prefer you probably start with a combination of spandex and cotton. The materials are very soft and lovely for your skin. Anything with cotton is more likely to keep you warm especially during the cold seasons.

5. Colour:

Don’t just put on any colour. Make sure you choose a dull colour, ideal for men. Bright colour skirts will have many confusing you for a lady. You can probably choose a black men’s skirt or a navy blue or brown one.

6. Tightness:

Don’t wear a tight men’s skirt, that will be breaking the simple rules of fashion. Make sure the skirt has a good length and is somehow baggy to fit into a men’s skirt;


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