2022 Trending Celebrity Hairstyles

Celebrity Hairstyles
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It’s time to hair up! Fashionistas, we are in November and the holidays are upon us, who doesn’t want to look good? I’ve compiled a handy list of 2022 trending celebrity hairstyles. Who doesn’t like to be prepared? So, even though it’s a bit early, just play along. Now, you may be wondering why celebrities have to be a part of the show. That’s because I’ve been inspired by what I’ve seen lately. I may not have extremely long hair like y’all but what are weaves and extensions for, right? (Lol). I love to style or braid my hair in different ways just because it’s cool and makes me more comfortable and confident.

A little about hairstyles?

Did you know that one of the first things a guy notices about a lady is her hair? Yes, not her outfit or shoes but her hair. One of my friends got a date with a guy because she had on the all-back hairstyle made with her natural hair. Honestly, I laughed when the guy pointed it out and I remember exactly what he said. He said ” What drew me to her was her hair. She didn’t have big braids or fixed weaves on, and she wasn’t shy to go out with her natural all-back hairstyle”

Woah, right? Yep. I was floored by what he said and it made me understand that even a lady’s hairstyle and the way she carries herself tell a lot about her. I have lots of stories like that but let’s stick to that one for now. Anyway, I was wobbling over Pinterest and Instagram and I came across the hairstyles that the celebrities I followed made. So, I thought it would be cool to share some of my favorite celebrity hairstyles of 2022 to give you a small list of what styles are trending. Shall we?

2022 Celebrity hairstyles check-list

1. Selena Gomez’s famous Bob Haircuts…

Celebrity hairstylesI believe that the shape of a lady’s face can guide what kind of hairstyles would suit her. Selena Gomez is my absolute favorite when it comes to outfits or hairstyles and her latest hairstyles didn’t go unnoticed by me. I put “Bob haircuts” on because this beautiful star has styled her haircut in so many ways.



Celebrity hairstyles

Ranging from a straight sleek bob to a curly bob, and then to a long curly bob and even a bob with bangs, she has made bob my new favorite hairstyle. That is why I made up my mind. Since I’m still on my long hair with bangs, I’m going to cut it into a bob with bangs style. What do you guys think? It’s no secret that anyone can get a bob haircut using scissors, weaves, curling irons, etc. So why not get yours for the holidays and maintain a sleek natural glow?


2. Kim Kardashian’s platinum blonde haircut

I am sure you guys can all agree with me that Kim Kardashian is always one to try new things with her hair. My personal favorite was when she made Fulani braids a long time ago. I still love the style on her even though she was called out on it cause who doesn’t?

Platinum blond celebrity hairstyle

However, these days, we can all note that Kim’s Instagram posts have given us an insight into what hairstyle she has gone crazy for again. And guess what? It’s platinum-blonde. Kim’s long platinum-blonde hair has been styled in different ways. Ranging from wavy to straight to curly, it all looks as good on her as it would on anyone. Do you have blonde hair? If yes, then you are not too far behind.

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3. Ariana Grande’s famous high ponytail

High ponytail celebrity hairstyles

We cannot go on speaking about hairstyles if we do not talk about Ariana Grande’s high ponytail. I mean, it is famous for a reason, right? There’s not much to say about the hairstyle other than that it is beautiful and anyone can style it perfectly. Ranging from side bangs to half-up and half-down to over-the-moon curtain bangs, anyone can sport this style in any color of hair.

4. Gabrielle Union Braid hairstyles

celebrity hairstyles Celebrity Hairstyles

Braids are my number one go-to hairstyle, especially for school days. The best thing about it is that you can try out any style you want. Gabrielle Union is the best person to emulate when it comes to what style of braids you would like to make. It could be Fulani braids, jumbo box braids, side braids, updos, or any other style and you can be on your way to fancy classy hairdos. Gabrielle is one of the main celebrities who never fails to wow us with her different braid styles and it got me on a roll.

5. Celebrity curls

Celebrity hairstyles

Curly hair is one of the biggest hair trends of 2022. Celebs like Rhiana, Keke Palmer, Yemi Alade, Tracee Ellis Ross, and even other celebrities style curly hairdos. The best part about curly hairdos is that they can be made from natural hair, extensions, or weaves. I particularly love my curly hair in crochet form. What I’m saying is, you can choose the curly hairstyle in any format you want. This year, I’m planning on making a crochet fringe hairstyle for Christmas (wink)…

I remember doing crochet for school one time and I got so many comments because of how it suited my face. I’m saying that curly hair goes with any kind of face shape. Do not mind my looks (just kidding, I love my looks)…

Question time:

Okay, guys, I’m not going to lie, I am tired. Yeah, I know it’s still a bit early but I slept so late last night and my sister cut my awake time short. So, I’m going to stop here for today cause I’ve got a lot of extra work to do and my brain seems to be burning (lol)

Quick question: Which hairstyle are you making next?

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Later Fashionistas…

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