2022 Reusable Press On Nails, Sassy! Convenient! Trendy!

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I’ve had a thing for press on since my first ever customized reusable press on nails set, to the point where I don’t want to go to the nail tech salon any more than I prefer and just adore the notion of popping on my reusable press on nails. Let’s talk about press on sets for a minute, shall we?

My First Reusable Press On Nails

Presson’s nails are a game-changer; many of the reusable press-on nail sets are wonderfully on-trend, especially because there are so many great alternatives in terms of shapes, designs, colors, lengths, and of course brands. Let me not forget to mention that utilizing these press-on manicure nails has saved me from having to travel to the nail son every month if I wanted a full acrylic set, as well as being a great time and money saver.

Reusable press on nails sets are very affordable, depending on where you purchase them, and they can even be customized to your liking and style once you’ve found a good nail technician who can do it, and trust me, since press on nails are very trendy, finding a nail tech to customize your very own press one shouldn’t be too difficult. Would you believe me if I told you that a reusable press-on nail set can last anywhere from 1-2 weeks, depending on how well you maintain it? Well, honey, They can!

What more could you ask for? They can be applied in under 5 minutes, they don’t damage your nails, they come in a  ton of options as I mentioned earlier in the blog, they can be customized to your liking, you can pop them on and pop them off and pop them back on again(Reusable). I guess if you haven’t already then you should consider jumping on the reusable press on nails set train.

reusable press on nails reusable press on nails

We all know that everything has its advantages and disadvantages, so since I’ve told you all about the advantages of a reusable press on nails, I’ll tell you about the disadvantage(it’s only right that I do), which is the sizing and fitting. Now, especially when buying press ons online, on Amazon, at a drug shop, or at a beauty supply store where some of the nails may not be a perfect fit or the sizing may be wrong.

In most situations, speaking from personal experience, you will need to file the sides to achieve the proper fit for your natural nails, which isn’t a big concern to me and is a simple adjustment. Whereas if you are getting it customized then sizing/fitting shouldn’t be a big problem you can simply measure the nail and send it to the nail tech that you gave the job or physically go to the salon to have your nails measured by the nail tech. When I had my customized acrylic reusable press on nails set done I did my own nail measurement and it was detailed and easy to follow.

How To Measure Nails At Home For Your Reusable Press On Nails.

How To Apply Your Reusable Press On Nails 


If necessary, clean any old polish and clip the natural nails, then shape the free edge and file the surface of the nail with a file. Filing the surface of the nail would help remove any shine/ oil so that the glue and press on the nail will adhere well.

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Push back cuticles using a cuticle pusher and clean around the nails.


Remove the nails from the package and arrange them by measuring the press on nail against natural nails to figure out which finger each nail will go on (sizing each nail to a finger).


I recommend using a strong adhesive/glue that will keep your nails in place and reduce the risk of them popping off. However, if you want to reuse them, you should use nail tabs, which work just as well but only last about a week.

Press on manicure nail set
Nail Adhesive Tabs

P.S. For pre-prepping your nails, most press on manicure sets include glue/nail tabs, a file, and a cuticle pusher.

Using Adhesive Glue- Apply a dot of glue to the center of your nail and apply pressure on the nail for about 20 seconds, allowing the glue to spread evenly and provide a strong bond.

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Using Nail Tabs- Select the appropriate adhesive tab size for your nail bed.  After that I propose using tweezers for this, carefully peel it from the card and place it on your nail bed, ensuring that it is centered. Remove the top lining of the adhesive tab to reveal the sticky portion, then put the appropriate-sized press-on nail to the sticky part and press down on its side to side and center to secure it.


If when you’re using the nail glue and excess has seeped out from under the nail, wipe it up with a Q-tip before applying nail oil on each finger to give your reusable press on nails set a polished, glamorous look.

How To Remove Your Press Ons In Order To Reuse Them

Knowing how to remove your reusable press on nails is extremely useful information to have, especially if we want to reuse them. After all, the title of this blog says it all, one of the benefits of getting press on nails is the ability to remove and reuse them whenever we want. Here’s how to simply remove your press on so that you can reuse them again.


• Soak your nails in warm water with soap in a bowl. In most cases, soaking the nails for 15-20 minutes is enough to release the glue or adhesive tabs.

•  Carefully lift the false nail with a wooden nail stick until it comes off. This won’t hurt your real nails because when the glue or tabs is loose from the soaking process, it would be easy to pry out.


It’s that simple so whether you used nail glue or the adhesive nail tabs, warm water and soap always do the trick with a little help from the wooden stick and there your press-on nails as well as your natural nails would be damage-free.

TIP: To remove the glue from the press on nails themselves, soak them separately in warm water and soap and scrape/ file out as much of the glue as possible so that they apply properly the next time you reuse them. Be especially careful when scraping or filing so that you don’t damage the nail. If you used adhesive nail tabs, they would peel right off during the soaking procedure.



I’m sure you’ve figured out that reusable press on nails in a box is a marvel that can transform your hands into true queens! Press-on nails are simple to apply, last for a few weeks (if cared for properly), and are quite convenient. What are you waiting for to give them a try?

reusable press on nailsreusable press on nails



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