2022 Handbag Trends You’ll Want to Know About

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The fashion world is always changing, and that includes the latest handbag trends. Handbags are an important accessory, and one that many women feel passionate about – it’s not uncommon to have dozens of them! Trends in handbags are constantly evolving, and knowing what’s going to be popular with handbag lovers everywhere can give you a leg up on the competition when your customers are looking for stylish new accessories. Here are some of the top handbag trends for 2022 that you’ll want to know about!

2019: The Year in Handbags

High-end handbags are a symbol of status and wealth, but it’s not enough just to carry a designer bag. The price tag is important, but so is carrying something unique. Fads will come and go, giving way to new trends in handbags that indicate a woman has style. The year 2019 will see women focusing on each individual part of their outfit and pulling together as much detail as possible. They want every aspect of their outfit—including their bag—to tell a story about who they are. Not all women will want one trend in particular; instead, they’ll be looking for diversity.

2020: A Trendy Turn for Saddle Bags


Handbag Trends

Saddle bags, where a chain or strap loops through an opening on one side of a handbag and fastens with a clasp on the other, have been in fashion since late 2014. The next year, saddle bag enthusiasts will take it one step further by attaching more bags to their saddles for a more layered look. Large wallets will be particularly popular as part of these new pieces. Extra-large purses that hang on either side of your hips also will make their debuts during 2020. Most of these super-satchels are made from leather or similar materials to match existing accessories such as belts and boots. Their large size makes them perfect for carrying everything you need while out at night with friends.

2021: Notched Bags are Back


Handbag Trends notched bags

During 2017 and 2018, we saw a ton of notched handbags. Then they fell out of favor, so they’re expected to make a comeback in 2021. The looks are now sleeker with sharper angles and longer notches. Expect to see more minimal straps (instead of shoulder straps) as well as more leather pieces coming into play throughout your wardrobe for next year. We’ll start seeing these trends pop up at fashion weeks in 2019, and we can expect them around our shopping carts in early 2020 before getting mainstream around 2021 or 2022. Some notable designers who have debuted notch-based bags recently include Chanel (see below), Givenchy, Louis Vuitton, Marc Jacobs, and Prada.

2022: A Brief Return of Chunky Handles


Chunky Handle Handbag Trends

The trend cycle for purses has always been shorter than that of other fashion-forward accessories—just look at sneakers, which have fallen out of style and come back in over a period of years instead of seasons. Chunky handbags were popular in 2018; they’ll be gone again by 2022. It makes sense that in 2022, chunky handles will return; they make it easier to carry heavier bags around with ease.

In contrast, tiny handles are sometimes a sign of a mid-priced purse, such as at Forever 21. Handle shape is not an indication of cost but rather reflects current fashion trends. If you’re on a budget and can find small-handled purses that suit your style, they’re an easy way to dress up an outfit while still sticking with a casual look. Although handle size won’t be much of a factor in 2022—other than acting as an indicator of current style trends—purse price will always have an impact on what materials it’s made from and how many pockets or zippers it has available for holding all your belongings.

Designer Handbag Trends 2022


Designer Handbag Trends

Handbags have always been in a constant state of evolution. It seems like every year there’s a new design, material, or brand that makes headlines. These bags are often for fashion-forward women, but some designs and brands make their way into most of our lives, at least temporarily. Not sure what to expect from handbag trends in 2022? Let’s take a look at what’s in store for us next year.

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Trends such as these will influence which types of bags we prefer. Are you a minimalist that prefers a small Crossbody or Clutch? Maybe you prefer something roomier, like a backpack bag? Your answer will depend on what’s trending in 2022.

These predictions can help guide your next handbag purchase. With only 4 years until 2022, these trends may seem hard to imagine now, but as more fashion collections are shown, we may see things that were unfathomable in 2018.

If you’re looking for an update on current trends or want some hints at what’s coming next, keep checking back for updates on designer handbag trends in 2022!

What are the Current Trends in Handbags?


Current Handbag Trends

Two of these trends are becoming more and more popular in bags, while one is making a comeback. The two trends that seem to be gaining attraction are Satchels and Backpacks. Satchels have been popular for some time, but what makes them different today is that they’re more sophisticated. In fact, they even look like small briefcases at times. Backpacks are also a great bag trend as they’re chic and stylish but can easily hold your essential items without weighing you down. If you want something with a little bit of pizzazz, then double handles bags may be for you. They’re incredibly versatile and unique, too! A simple handle on one side or two means you can wear it however you like.


How to Buy a New Handbag

Buying a new handbag doesn’t have to be hard. With Amazon, you can browse through customer reviews and see pictures of actual customers using their products. It’s fast and easy, and there are thousands of bags available online with Prime shipping. If you can’t decide on just one bag, you can always purchase two or three at once and return whatever doesn’t fit your lifestyle. This is great for those who are indecisive about what type of bag they want next and also don’t want to spend too much money on a bag that might not work for them. Who knows? You may find yourself buying a different handbag from Amazon every month! Don’t have time to wait around for your order? Not a problem!

What Can You Do with Old Handbags?

While you’re packing up last year’s bag for donation, stop and think about what it can still do for you. This is a great way to add some value to your old bags: sell or trade them! The internet has made it easy for savvy consumers (like yourself) to find new homes for their old designer handbags. So don’t throw that Louis Vuitton out with your other old bags; use an app like Poshmark or handbag trade-in sites like Purse Valet or Rebag and get top dollar! You can even sell a designer handbag on Amazon, eBay, or Craigslist—just make sure that any fees you pay are worth it in order to ensure your money goes as far as possible.

How do You Find Stylish, Comfortable Shoes that Fit?

There are so many options when it comes to shopping for shoes. Shoes can be trendy or basic, cheap or expensive, but not all shoes are created equal. When looking for stylish and comfortable shoes that fit well, you’ll want to look into designer handbag trends 2022. The best way to shop for stylish and comfortable shoes is by first finding a few pairs that fit well and then trying different designer handbags trends 2022 with them. For example, if you wear a size 10 then try your favorite shoe style in both an ankle boot and a high-heeled pump in size 10 until you find your perfect match.


Pair your Purse with Other Accessories

In today’s age, most women are carrying at least one, if not more than one bag. So how do you make sure that your handbag choices complement each other? Simple: pair your bags with appropriate accessories! This way, you can always look fashionable even as you switch between purses. Also, remember that sometimes a few small changes can make a big difference; try switching out straps for something new or replacing an old clasp for a newer version. Simply put, if your handbags match, both in style and functionality, then it’s time to walk on into work as you own it.

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