Small Cute Hand Tattoos

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Tattoo is an art that has been embraced widely across the globe. An art that involves drawing one’s body parts. When done perfectly well, the tattoos appear really cute. The best part, tattoos are for both men and women. And, can be applied in different colors be it black, maroon,  or any other fitting color: you just name it.

Small cute tattoosSmall cute hand tattoo











Origin of tattoos

Tattoos existed way back in the early days. Back then, the Indigenous people would use piercings such as needles to draw tats on their bodies. This would leave painful marks on their bodies.

For these people in old age, every tattoo had a meaning behind it. A flower for instance, signified peace of mind for them. A love heart, on the other hand, meant that someone was deep in love. Wish you could see how these people cherished their tattoo traditions. It was a really beautiful way of embracing culture.

Small cute hand tattoos Small cute hand tattoo

Nowadays, unlike in the past, the tattoo has lost meaning; value, as I like to put it. People just apply tat without valid reasons for doing so. Majority view tats as a form of beauty forgetting that every art has a powerful meaning behind it. It’s really unfortunate for them. However, those who know how to decipher the meanings of tattoos, they are able to avoid implementing certain spiritual things upon their lives. Things or spirits which come along with tattoos.

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