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Online shopping seems like a nice idea… until you end up with boots that are more appropriate for your 7-year-Barbie old’s than for you. As simple as buying online appears to be, it can be just as annoying at times, therefore I’ve produced a list of the ultimate flops, where consumers received exactly nothing that they anticipated. Simply online shopping fails.

1. Always double check your size, or you might end up with a crop top instead of the beautiful Canadian flag inspired t-shirt!



2. Lesson learned: Do not order your prom dress online!

3. I feel bad for laughing! At least they tried?

4. I can feel the girl on the left thinking,” Hehehe, you’re not going to get what you expect!”

5. That looks like plastic!

Its made out of plastic, lives fantastic….not!


6. A casual blazer dress with an entirely different fabric

8. It could be argued that body shape has something to do with this fail, but I am not convinced!


9. How are these companies still open and sell? Is it even legal?



10. What is this? I don’t even!



11. She ? got? long…legs?

The reality looks like someone stole a barbies torso and just shoved the legs up the dress.


12. This is the saddest thing I have seen on the internet this week


13. At least they got the colour right? AT LEAST!



14. From gone with the wind glamour to garbage bag chic.




15. If you hadn’t seen the original, removed the padding and worn a white underlayer it might be passable, but do you seriously want to do that on your wedding day?




It is always advisable to check sizing and reviews when ordering online or you might also end up like this, which we definitely do not want!


Blog by: Priya Grover


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