15 Looks to Smarten Up Your Formal Outfits, Inspired by Bella Thorne

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Do you want to smarten up your formal outfits? No more worries because Bella Thorne has gotten you! Here in this post, I will share with you Bella Thorne’s best formal outfits that we love most. Have a look below and be inspired by her styles.

Bella Thorne
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Below are 15 looks to smarten up your formal outfits, inspired by Bella Thorne.

Table of contents

  • Two-piece crop top and Capri pants set
  • All-red outfits
  • Cut-out boho dress
  • High slit tulle dress
  • Plunging dress
  • Blazer dress
  • Two-piece blazer and pant set
  • Monochromatic outfits 
  • Cut-out jumpsuit 
  • Spaghetti strap lace midi dress
  • High heel sandals 
  • Pleated short skirt
  • Backless jumpsuit 

1. Bella Thorne in a Two-piece crop top and Capri pants set

Bella Thorne in Two-piece crop top and Capri pants set

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We liked the way the star wore a white two-piece deep V-neckline crop top and Capri pants set. The actress then paired the style with gray sequin heels and accessorized it with golden bracelets.

2. Bella Thorne in All-red outfits

Bella Thorne in All-red outfits
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The star knows well how to appear sexy, see how Bella wore a red spaghetti strap mini dress with red lace-up high heel sandals. This is one of her gorgeous formal styles we liked most.

3. Bella Thorne in Heels

Bella Thorne in Heels
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Heels are one of the powerful items that can make any lady look more beautiful. The best thing is that they can be styled for any occasion. See how Bella Thorne wore brown heels and matched them with a two-piece pants and vest suit set. By the way, this is one of the best ways to style monochromatic outfits for formal events.

4. Bella Thorne in Cut-out boho dress

Bella Thorne in Boho dress
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Not only, cut-out boho dresses can be rocked for the perfect street styles, but also, they can be styled for formal occasions. See how Bella proved us wrong by wearing a white cut-out boho dress with black lace-up high heel sandals.

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5. Bella Thorne in High-slit gown

Bella Thorne in High-slit gown
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We are obsessed with this red high-slit gown that Bella styled. This is one of the dresses to wear, especially when going for a hot date night.

6. Tulle dress

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Tulle dresses are all-time items that have existed for decades, and everyone likes them. Have a look at the way Bella Thorne wore a purple off-shoulder tulle dress with white lace-up heels.

7. Plunging dress

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Do you want to style a plunging dress? See how Bella wore her metallic mini dress with black high heel sandals. This is a great style that you should try on your next weekend hangout with your crew.

8. Blazer dress

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If you are a real fashionista, a brazer dress is a must-have! These kinds of dresses are unique, and they can make anyone look gorgeous without struggling. Just check out how Bella wore a white printed brazer dress with bright sky blue heels.

9. Two-piece blazer and pants set

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10. Monochromatic outfits

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11. Cut-out jumpsuit

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12. Spaghetti strap lace midi dress

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13. High heel sandals

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14. Pleated short skirt

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15. Backless jumpsuit

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