Through this blog, I am going to explain to you some simple and quick makeup steps. These 14 tips will give you step-by-step ideas about applying makeup. Similarly, by following these suggested steps, you will be able to do the makeup yourself in quick possible time. Similarly, if you are a beginner or makeup art learner, this blog will help you a lot in step by step makeup art learning. Makeup TipsAll the important and sequential steps are mentioned here. You just need to remember them and apply them while doing makeup. Let’s now read and know these 14 simple and quick makeup steps as tips. Makeup Tips

Cleanser Makeup Tips

Applying cleanser is a very basic and beginning step before applying makeup. Any quality cleanser not only washes your face but also removes any oil or dirt from your face. Mostly cleanser is preferred over soap and face wash particularly before applying makeup. Therefore you should go with a cleanser rather than face wash or even soap.  Makeup Tips

Toner Makeup Tips

Toner is the second step after cleanser. It doesn’t even irritate any sensitive skin. Toner basically refreshes your skin. It prepares your skin to absorb all skin treatments which you will apply to your skin. Quality toners can even prevent you from any bumps and blemishes. Toner

Serum Makeup Tips

In the third step, you need to apply serum to your skin after you are all done with toner. Serums basically are lightweight and easily applied to water or liquids. Always use a few drops of serum and avoid excessive use of it. Just a few drops are enough for your entire facial skin. Choose multi-vitamin and high-quality serums only.  Serum makeup Tips


Spot Correcting or Acne Treatment

Spot correcting or acne treatment is the fourth step after serum application. Usually, Benzoyl Peroxide, Aloe-Vera, and Sulfur cream are preferred for spot correcting or acne treatment.  However, avoid too many acne treatments at the same time as it may cause irritation and breakup of your skin. Spot Correcting or Acne Treatment

Eye Cream Makeup Tips

Eye cream is the fifth step in this whole process of 14 makeup steps tips. Eye creams are used to remove dark under-eye spots. Eye creams also hide all sorts of appearances of any wrinkles and lines. My suggestion for you is that always buy eye cream that is rich in vitamin C. Never compromise on quality products. Eye Cream Makeup Tips


If your skin is oily, you must apply moisturizer to it. Moisturizers protect you from dry, hot, and cold weather conditions. Moisturizers also protect your skin from irritation. This is the sixth step in the complete process of makeup. Moisturizer



Sunscreen makeup is the seventh step. It is done to protect your skin from the UV rays of the sun. Applying sunscreen also prevents you from early aging, wrinkles, and sunburn. Constantly applying sunscreen can prevent your skin from cancer and hardness. It is very important for your skincare during the hot and humid summer season.



Whether you an oily or too dry skin, primer is effective in either case. It is called a pre-foundation step hence it is always done before foundation application. Primer actually prevents you from any after-foundation breakups dots and wrinkles. Primer

Foundation or BB Cream

Your actual makeup process starts with a foundation. It gives your skin a smooth texture and coloration. Foundation is a form of makeup that gives you an even base before applying the make-up to your face. Sometimes beauty balm cream (BB Cream) is also applied instead of foundation. However, for me, the foundation is the better choice between these two. You can even choose either of them as per your familiarity. Foundation or BB Cream


Concealer Makeup Tips

The concealer is a bit thicker. It is used to hide dark circles and aging spots. Always use concealer after the foundation and never apply it before the foundation or BB cream. Concealer also hides any pigmentation and pimples. Concealer

Powder Makeup Tips

The powder is used to give a smooth, glowing, and sleeky look to your skin. The powder is the best possible base which helps to apply the bronzer, contour, or blush on your face. Always keep in mind that if you use foundation, concealer, and power at once, use a small amount of them all. Otherwise, it is not necessary to use all these three at once. Powder Makeup Tips

Bronzer Makeup Tips

Bronzer not only shines your face beauty but also lifts your face glow. It is purely a beauty product that gives your skin a golden and sun-kissing look. Bronzer is a sort of polishing your skin as well as giving it a sparkling and cheeky look. However, use it sensibly and prefer quality products.  Bronzer Makeup Tips


Blush or Highlighter

Blush and highlighter are mainly used for cheeks and lips only. You need blush powder to avoid any complexions and maintain your healthy and fresh look. Similarly, a highlighter is used to give a shiny look to your cheeks, nose, temples, or brow bone. This process is the just final touch to your makeup.

Blush or Highlighter

Setting Spray

In the end, always do the setting spray. It gives life and duration to your makeup. Choose quality setting sprays and just apply them at the end. Once you have done it, you are all ready and set to leave your makeup mirror. However, applying is preciseness and shortly.

Setting Spray

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