14 Makeup Brushes Purpose and Benefit

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Makeup brushes are something that every girl has. But the question is how many make brushes should you have in your makeup kit? If you have 20 then you think, How many of them are useful? How can I be able to use them correctly? Not every girl is a professional makeup artist. But some girls are always makeup artists for themselves, their siblings, and friends. I would be glad to tell you that I`m a beautician for my sister and mom. Both of them always come to me for their makeup.

As a responsible beautician, I always keep myself updated about new make trends and hairstyles. Whenever any new product or gadget is launched I always do a lot of research on it. This helps me keep competitive in this modern time. So I do some research on makeup brushes recently. Let me keep you updated with it also.

There are at least 21 makeup brushes. It is said that makeup brushes are invented by Egyptian People. Later on, German people do work on it and made them more useful for us. Here are their names and uses of them;

1. Foundation Makeup Brushes:

                   A Foundation brush is used to apply the foundation. Any type of foundation either liquid foundation or BB/CC cream can be blended by using this make-up brush. It will keep your skin flawless plus finger pores and eyes will remain unaffected by any unnecessary bacteria.

Foundation Makeup Brush


2. Stippling Brush:

                   It is an airbrush and proves to be very helpful. If you want to hide your imperfections and dots this make-up brush is very useful. It gives full coverage to the skin. Both small and large-size brushes are available.

Stippling Makeup Brushes


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3. Concealer Makeup Brushes:

                         As it is obvious from the name it is used for applying concealer. Concealer is used for hiding dark skin tones near the eyes or any other patch on the face. Concealer can also be liquid or dry. It gives good coverage of a concealer.

Concealer Makeup Brushes


4. Powder Makeup Brushes:

                  A powder brush is used for applying any loose powder. It could be a setting or finishing powder, powder highlighter, or powder foundation. It can also be helpful to blend bronzer and blush.

Powder Makeup Brushes


5. Blush Brush:

              Blush is a very important part of makeup. It cannot be applied correctly with any other brush or blender. It should be doomed-shaped, so we can easily shape our blush.

Blush Makeup Brushes


6. Contour Brush:

                       Contouring is very important in making. It enhances your beauty by sharpening your face cuts. For blending contour stuff there should be a correct brush. So contour brushes are launched. You can see it here;



 7. Bronzer Brush:

                       Bronzer is used for warmth and colouring your face. It maintains and shows the dimensions of the face. This increases the beauty of the face. Here is this brush;


8. Highlighter Brush:

                       It is used to highlight the face and body bones like the nose, cheek upper bone, brow bone, and beauty bones. It creates a shining effect and causes makeup to look more classy. Here is the complete view of this brush;


9. Eyeshadow Make-up Brushes:

                          This brush is only for applying eyeshadow not blending or forming creases.  Use either simple eyeshadow or shimmer one it is the best brush to rely on.


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10. Eyeshadow Crease Make-up Brushes:

                        Before applying proper eyeshadow crease of the eyes is also set by applying eyeshadow colour. A good crease look makes eye makeup neater and this is its brush;


11. Blending Makeup Brushes:

                                This brush is used for blending eyeshadow on eyes. Blending it very essential as it adjusts makeup very well and is responsible for its neatness.


12. Eyeliner Brush:

                  For applying good and neat eyeliner, an eyeliner brush is needed. It is very convenient to use as there is less chance of mistakes and you know a bad eyeliner can ruin your all makeup look.


13. Mascara Blush Makeup Brushes:

                  Mascara Brush is launched for applying mascara to eyelashes. Different styles of mascara brushes are made. Each type will give you innovative type of results.


14. Lip Makeup Brushes:

                  After applying lipliner lipstick is used to form lip shapes. For applying lipstick lip brushes are designed. They help us to apply lipstick neatly without spreading it.


By Marie Joseph

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