12 Pakistani Dress Styles Inspired by Pakistani Women’s Fashion

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Let’s face it, Pakistani women dress up like professional dressers. Pakistani women have a different scope of dressing styles, impacted by their rich culture and legacy. The following are ten Pakistani dress styles motivated by Pakistani women:

Shalwar Kameez: 


Pakistani dress styles

This is the conventional outfit worn by numerous Pakistani women. It comprises of a long tunic called the kameez matched with baggy pants called shalwar, and a matching dupatta (scarf) is in many cases hung over the shoulders.

Anarkali Suit: 


Pakistani dress styles 2

Anarkali suits are exquisite and lofty outfits with a long, flowing kameez that flares out from the midriff.

They are frequently worn at formal occasions and weddings.



Pakistani dress styles 2
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However more normally worn in India, the sari is also a part of Pakistani culture, particularly in the Sindh region. It is a long piece of texture hung around the body with a blouse and petticoat.


Lehengas are famous for weddings and merry events. They comprise a flared skirt paired with a matching blouse and dupatta.

Patiala Salwar Kameez:

Patiala salwar kameez includes a short kameez paired with heavily pleated, baggy Patiala-style trousers.

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Kurti with Pants or trousers.:

An agreeable and upscale mix, pairing a kurti (short tunic) with jeans or trousers is a typical relaxed wear decision.


Shararas are wide-legged trousers with a great deal of flare, frequently worn with a short kameez and a dupatta.


Numerous Pakistani women wear abayas, which are long, streaming robes, frequently dark, as modest outer garments.


Pakistani dress styles 9

Ghararas are like shararas yet have more pleats at the knee level, making a distinctive flared look.

Embroidered and Embellished Outfits: 

Pakistani women love intricate embroidery, reflect work, and embellishments on their outfits, adding a bit of glamour to their dressing style.


Pakistan encounters searing temperatures for most of the year. Nonetheless, most parts of Pakistan are also cold. Pashmina is a superb texture that is generally created in Kashmir. It is traded all through Pakistan. Everybody loves Pashmina in light of the fact that it keeps them warm all through the freezing cold weather months.

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Pashmina is made in Pakistan, yet it is sold all through Europe. Because of its high worth, it is also sought after in many regions of the world. This material is liked by many imperial families and celebrities all through the world.

 Balochi Dress: 

Baluchistan is one of four regions that make up Pakistan. Balochistan is also a socially different region with delectable food and clothing. Balochi embroidery is notable all through Pakistan, and many buy this customary dress specifically. Mirrorwork and exquisite threadwork are used in embroidery.

The presence of pockets recognizes Balochi clothing. The distinctive varieties and perplexing craftsmanship on the shirt give it a beautiful appearance to every individual who wears it. Balochi embroidery is always in style in Pakistan, and it is generally usually worn throughout the summer months.


Pakistani dressing styles embrace both traditional and modern elements, joining vibrant colors, lavish textures, and intricate designs. The decision of outfit often relies upon the event, district, and individual inclination, making Pakistani women’s dressing styles diverse and enamoring.

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