12 Creative Christmas Photoshoot Ideas

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I love playing around with photography and lately, I’ve gotten a lot of joy out of creating a Christmas theme on my Instagram feed. I’ve got a lot of Christmas photos, so I thought why not put them into a Christmas photography guide for you? Here are 12 Creative Christmas Photoshoot Ideas.

If you’re looking for some ideas to help create the Christmas feed of your dreams. I hope this guide of 10 creative Christmas photoshoot ideas helps!

1. A gift for Santa

Every year I try to come up with fun ideas for Christmas sessions and this year it’s going to involve real cookies and milk. Set them up under or beside the Christmas tree and let the lights twinkle to add a magic touch to a photo. 


2. Your fur baby under the Christmas Tree

Get into the Christmas spirit by dressing up your pet for his Christmas photoshoot or simply adding some garlands, wreaths, and Christmas tree ornaments beside him. If your fury baby is anti-costume, just put them inside the Christmas gifts and around the Christmas tree. But, don’t plan a Christmas pet photography session when your furry pal is tired or hungry or else, it’s a disaster.   


3. Cozy up to the fireplace

Do you have snow in the city you live? Lucky you, because fireplaces are super cozy and can add a unique light into your photoshoot Christmas Ideas. If you live in a country where a fireplace isn’t a thing, just used full-screen fireplaces with flame color-changing effects and ambient audio to give you that ultimate ambient experience.


4. Flatlay of your Christmas drinks

Cute little mugs of chocolate drink, peppermint hot cocoa, and chocolate-dipped marshmallows with candy canes, these easy treats are fun to make, sweet to eat, and an insta-worthy. Don’t forget some Christmas ornaments for added decor for your flatlay.

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5. Display your Christmas socks

If you’ve got some fun Christmas socks or slippers, make sure they make it into your Christmas photoshoot! You’ll be set for the perfect Christmas Instagram-worthy photo!


6. Hold a present under the Christmas Tree

The holidays are the ultimate gift-giving time! So how about incorporating presents into your Christmas photoshoots? Bonus points are when you’re beside the Christmas tree. 


7. Wrap presents

With the beauty of colorful wrapping paper, cute ribbons and bows, a present-wrapping photoshoot can be so pretty!


8. Watch a Christmas Movie

Dress in your Christmas pajamas or your favorite socks and adds a Christmas movie into your Christmas photoshoot! Here are the classics: Home Alone, The Grinch, White Christmas, and A Christmas Story, and a Charlie Brown Christmas.

christmas photoshoot 56


9. Show off your Christmas drink

It’s the most wonderful time of the year for getting cozy at home while having a Christmas Hot Chocolate drink. It will truly get you into that Christmas spirit.

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christmas photoshoot 45


10. Hold a Christmas wreath

To make your photo more festive, incorporate your photo with another holiday object: a wreath! You can’t go wrong with some red outfit – it’ll match the holiday vibe.

christmas photoshoot 3


11. Toast with a view

Bring two mugs of marshmallows with you for this cute photo! I recommend marshmallows over liquid so that there’s no chance of spilling a mug with a Christmas design.

christmas photoshoot 2


12. Feel the Christmas spirit

This photo gives me all the feels! For super cozy vibes, dress in your Christmas pajamas, any plaid scarfs or blanket and of course, your favorite Christmas sweaters.

christmas photoshoot 1


To make your Christmas photos look their very best, it does take a bit of planning to make your Christmas photos shine the very brightest.


By Julie Ann Lozada

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