11 Trends Celebs Are Wearing With Leggings In 2022

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Do you like leggings? Leggings are a trend in all seasons and depend on how you want to style them. There are so many occasions that you can style them or do some activities like jogging, or yoga, and you can even wear them as you step out of your door. Here in this post, we shall be looking at the celebrity leggings styles.

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The following are 11 trends celebs are wearing with leggings in 2022.

1. Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez wearing leggings
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Jennifer Lopez flaunts her sculpted body in a sports bra and leggings. She paired the style with black sneakers. You may copy her appearance on your next outing with your friends.

2. Hailey Bieber

Hailey Bieber wearing leggings
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This kind of leggings is a trend, and I have seen many celebrities wear them. Hailey Bieber wears gray leggings while going out and pairs them with a baggy gray jacket, gray sports bra, and white sneakers.

3. Madison beer

Madison beer wearing leggings
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This is one of the best styles that Madison Beer has, and it is the best street style that you can copy from her. She is wearing her black leggings, bright blue hoodie, and white sneakers.

4. Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner wearing leggings
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Kylie Jenner shows off her curves in black skintight leggings and pairs them with a bright blue hoodie with white sneakers. You can create your style and look stunning like Kylie Jenner!

5. Sofia Richie

Sofia Richie wearing leggings
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This is another style that you need to try, especially if you love casual style. Sofia Richie wears her black leggings and pairs them with a white cropped t-shirt with white sneakers. If you want to try this look, then you can experience it by copying her look. You can wear it when going out with your friends.

6. Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez wearing leggings
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There is one of the best leggings that you can wear to the gym, for yoga, or any kind of exercise, and you can also style them when going out. Selena Gomez wears her black leggings with a blue crop top. She paired them with black sandals as she stepped out.

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7. Zendaya

Zendaya wearing leggings
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Another cute style by Zendaya. She styled her black Capri look leggings and mixed the colors by pairing them with a navy blue t-shirt. And when she tied her white hoodie at the waist, she created a gorgeous look.

8. Rihanna

Rihanna wearing leggings
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Rihanna rocks her black leggings and pairs them with a printed letter oversized t-shirt, a black ball cape with black and white sneakers. From her, we can learn how perfectly to pair an oversized t-shirt with leggitly.

9. Gigi Hadid

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Gigi Hadid pairs her black leggings with a black printed sweatshirt and layers it with a sky-blue denim jacket. If you are looking for a style that you can rock during winter or when the weather is unpredictable, then you can steal Gigi Hadid’s style!

10. Emily Ratajkowski

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If you love to style colorful leggings, then Emily Ratajkowski has gotten your attention! She wears her colorful leggings, pairs them with a crop top, and wears a brown jacket on top of a brown jacket. Emily inspired us with how to style during winter.

11. Lucy Hale

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Lucy Hale wears her green leggings with a black sports crop top and sneakers. This is the style that you need to take from Lucy Hale and be the next trend in town!

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