11 Hot and Famous Chinese Models: Female Beauty

Sexy Chinese models: Ming Xi
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Chinese Models: For many years now, Chinese has established itself as one of the world’s destinations as far as fashion and modeling are concerned. China itself is home to some of the world’s most beautiful and talented models. Over recent years, Chinese models have become extremely famous for their stunning looks and excellent sense of style and fashion. They have attracted fans from both the Chinese market and the world at large. With me here are the 11 most famous Chinese models in the year 2023. Take a look: Read also on Handsome Italian male models

1. Liu Wen: Chinese Models

She is one of the sexy Chinese models who has earned her top place in the fashion industry. Additionally, she has perfected her skills by working for top fashion brands including Victoria’s Secret and Lauder.


She was the first Asian Model to walk in Victoria’s Secret fashion show.

Liu Wen: Chinese Models

2. Ming Xi:

She is a famous Chinese model who has grown over the recent years and has worked with top brands across the world including Victoria’s Secret and Vogue China.

Sexy Chinese models: Ming Xi

3. Sui He: Chinese Models

She is a renowned Chinese model who has worked for lucrative brands such as Dior, Victoria’s Secret, and Channel. She has been featured in top campaigns around the world.

hot Chinese models : Sui He

4. Ju Xiaowen:

She is also a Chinese model who is famous for her striking beauty, her hourglass shape, and her nice taste in fashion. She has worked with top brands including Maybelline and Calvin Klein.


famous chinese models Ju Xiaowen

5. He Cong:

Cong is one of the most beautiful Chinese models. Her fame has grown and is no longer restricted to the Chinese industry. She has been featured for Calvin Klein, and Marc Jacobs among many other lucrative companies.

famous and sexy chinese models He Cong

6. Xiao Wen Ju: Chinese Models

The Chinese model is among the fewest who have worked for brands such as Lane Crawford, Lous Vuitton, and Marc Jacobs. She is one of the most experienced and sexy models.

Xiao Wen Ju: Chinese Models

7. Shu Pei:

The model is famous for her unique taste in fashion and her love for expensive brands. When it comes to fashion, she is no joke as her energy is top-notch.

sexiest chinese model Shu Pei

8. Sun Feifei:

Sun is a beautiful Chinese model who has amassed plenty of following across all her social media handles. She has been featured in campaigns including Shiseido and H& M.

hottest chinese models Sun Feifei

9. Liu Shishi:

She is a Chinese actress and model who has appeared in numerous television dramas and films. She is very famous in the industry.

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10. Zhang Ziyi:

The Chinese actress and model have appeared in films such as The Hidden Dragon, the crouching Tiger, and many more.

beautiful chinese models Zhang Ziyi

11. Du Juan:

Dua Juan: Having worked with top brands such as Louis Vuitton, and Roberto Cavalli, means that there is no doubt to the fact that her fame is on another level.

most famous chinese model Du Juan


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