11 Fierce Red Carpet Fashion Critics of all Times

Giuliana Rancic: Red Carpet Fashion Critics 
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Red Carpet Fashion Critics: The red carpet has always been a hotspot for showcasing the latest fashion trends, from iconic gowns to daring fashion choices. It’s the fashion critics who add a layer of intrigue and excitement to these events while celebrities make their grand entrances. Over the years in this industry, many fierce red-carpet fashion critics have made a mark. Here are the 11 fiercest red-carpet fashion critics of all time.

1. Joan Rivers: Red Carpet Fashion Critics

She was a television host and legendary comedian known for her sharp wit and unapologetic fashion critiques. Joan never shied from pointing out the hits and misses on the red carpet.

Joan Rivers: Red Carpet Fashion Critics 

2. Tim Gunn:

Tim is a mentor and judge on Project Runway and also a fashion critic. The constructive critiques and insight have earned him a good place among fashion enthusiasts.

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3. Anna Wintour: Red Carpet Fashion Critics

Anna is a fashion authority as the editor-in-chief of Vogue. Her approval can make or break a designer’s career as her opinions are highly respected in the industry.

4. Kelly Osbourne:

Kelly has become a prominent fashion critic known for her candid and outspoken opinions. Her brutal honesty and unique style set her apart.

5. Giuliana Rancic: Red Carpet Fashion Critics

A longtime E! News host, Giuliana Rancic, has interviewed countless celebrities and her genuine curiosity and fashion knowledge make her an essential figure at major events.

Giuliana Rancic: Red Carpet Fashion Critics 

6. Brad Goreski:

Brad Goreski brings an insider’s perspective to his critiques as a celebrity stylist turned fashion critic. His years of experience in the industry have informed his commentary.

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7. Nina Garcia: Red Carpet Fashion Critics

As a judge on the Project Runway and fashion director at Marie Claire, Nina has established herself as a top fashion critic. She has become a go-to authority for fashion trends.

8. Rachel Zoe:

A fashion designer and renowned celebrity stylist, Rachel Zoe, has a knack for spotting trends and offering spot-on fashion advice. What sets her apart is her boho-chic style.

9. George Kotsiopoulos: Red Carpet Fashion Critics

He is a fashion editor and critic who has worked with major fashion publications. He is a red carpet favorite for his witty commentary and fashion knowledge.

10. Carthy Horyn:

She is a veteran fashion journalist whose thoughtful insight has earned respect in the industry.

11. E! Fashion Police Team: Red Carpet Fashion Critics

The “Fashion Police” show has made waves for its humorous and unapologetic fashion critiques.


What makes the red carpet look great is these 11 critics. Their critiques and insights continue to guide fashion choices and inspire red carpet trends making them an integral part.


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