11 Bridal Looks From Around The World


Being able to attend weddings that aren’t the standard white or crimson is always a wonderful difference. Almost every nation in the globe has its unique traditions and customs, which also apply to bridal attire. We’ve looked through some of the most stunning traditional and modern wedding-day outfits. The common factor that connects these passed-down traditions is love. Some of them are lovely, while others are odd. To give you an idea of how many traditions function outside of the champagne toast, continue reading to learn about 11 of the most breathtaking bridal looks from around the world.

11 Unbelievable Bridal Looks around the Globe

While each bride has her own unique sense of style, upbringing, tradition, heritage, and culture are frequently the sources of inspiration. Here is how that appears in several countries.

1. India Bridal Looks:


Bridal Looks India


The traditional wedding gown for Indian ladies is red over red. It represents loyalty, spirituality, and fertility. The bride’s nose rings, however, are a representation of attractiveness. The bride’s hands and feet are hennaed with decorations made by professional mehndi artists or family members. Henna is a symbol of happy offerings.

2. Ukraine Bridal Looks:

Bridal Looks 2


 Ukrainians typically wear brightly colored, floral-embroidered bridal attire. And so are their boisterous, fun-filled weddings, which feature dancing and games. The vivid hues stand for youth and beauty.

3. Sri Lanka Bridal Looks:


Bridal Looks 3


On their forehead, Sri Lankan brides wear distinctive jewelry called Nalapata. It is intended for the mother to wear and represents eternity.

4. Turkmenistan Bridal Looks:


Bridal Looks 4


The traditional bridal attire in Turkmenistan is a crimson silk garment with glided or silver pendants created from handcrafted textured weaves.

5. South Africa Bridal Looks:

Bridal Looks 6



The bridal fashion in South Africa is vibrant, airy, and enjoyable. Without the Kohli, the bride’s hat, and vibrant beaded bracelets and necklaces, the wedding outfit is incomplete.


6. Kenya Bridal Outfits:

The Maasai brides in Kenya use red ochre paint to decorate their bodies and faces on the big day. She had some slaughtered animal fat on her shaved head. Twenty vibrant neckpieces made of shells and beads, a headpiece, and beaded cowhide shawls complete the wedding gown.

Bridal Looks 8


The night before the wedding, known as kupamba, is fortunate for the bride because she is permitted to take off her veil and show off her hair and jewelry.

7. Yemen Bridal:


Bridal Looks 654


With their headdress adorned with leaves and flowers, the Yemenite bride is absolutely gorgeous. These are said to ward against evil. Up to seven days are spent in celebration of their wedding.

8. Ossetia Bridal:


Bridal Looks 9456


For Ossetian brides, the color white is good because it represents bliss. Their long-sleeved clothing is frequently worn with a metal belt known as a talisman around the waist.

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By Ishita Das

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