Personal Take: Celebrating 100 Blogs In Our Fashion Passion!

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I started in Our Fashion Passion last year, November, and wrote two blogs in just one month just to check if this site is legit, and right after I got my first payout that was the time that I seriously focus on writing about Fashion, Style and sometimes Health.  To be honest, writing about Fashion and Style is not the genre I am used to because I prefer novels and short stories but when I started OFP I was given a chance to explore more when it comes to fashion and style. Our Fashion Passion lets me express my thoughts and opinions about my taste and styles in the fashion that I enjoy most. I love dressing up, I love styling and OFP gives me that opportunity to write what I love in fashion and style as well as in health.

Troubles In Writing


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For the past month that I write about fashion and style, there was a time when I feel empty and out of ideas. It took me days or weeks before I’ll back on track. I am not a professional writer nor an expert in styling and fashion. But writing is my passion as well as dressing up. Writing helps me to stay focused and reminds me of my dream. As for dressing up, it gives me comfort and happiness. However, my love of writing and dressing up messed up sometimes to the point that I feel lazy and unmotivated to write about fashion and style. Not to mention my emptiness and out of ideas. I sometimes questioned myself, is this the genre that I really want to write or just a hobby? But then I realized, that even though I was out of ideas about fashion and style I still came up with new and great content for my blogs, and as much as possible I make sure that I write a new concept for my readers. Aside from that, what keeps me writing about fashion and style is the friends that I have here on OFP that continue to motivate me and my writing.

How Our Fashion Passion Change Me

If you are going to ask me how OFP changes me, I will simply tell you that Our Fashion Passion changes me into a better me. Why? Because OFP allows not just me but every writer here to express themselves and it helps me to show my capabilities not just in writing but as well as in fashion and style. It allows me to show who I am, and the better me that is not afraid of criticism and judgments. With every blog that I posted, I always prepare myself for bad comments because as I have mentioned. I’m not a pro at writing as well as in fashion and styling. But everyone here in OFP is so nice and good to me, especially the admins.

Celebrating My 100 Blogs! 

our fashion passion 100 blogs

How cool was that? In just 8 months I hit the goal of Our Fashion Passion!

Well, the goal is to write 100 blogs in 3 months but since I was stocked on emptiness plus I got very busy so there! It took me 8 months! Lol! Kidding aside, I can’t believe I hit 100 blogs with a different concept. I never imagine writing blogs about fashion and style. So If I were to ask which one of my blogs is my favorite, I will surely choose the 100 blogs that I wrote it’s not easy to come up with the idea, especially the title! Seriously, among all the blogs that I wrote, I think Personal Take will always have a special part with me because it’s my personal experience I am writing about and I’m sure with it since I experience it. I use the product that I shared with you, I wore the clothes that I shared with you and everything. Personal Take will always be my favorite. Of course, the other blogs too especially the first one that I wrote ‘ Dress To Express’. Everything that I wrote is special to me ❤

To my OFP family, thank you for the opportunity 🥰


By Belle 

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